OFFF Milano 2017 Main Titles



The Main Titles for OFFF Milano & Digital Design Days 2017 is art deco period inspired, science fiction piece features; the perfect machines, mechanisms with imperfect humans and creatures. Onur wanted to create the perfect collaboration and invited artists, designers and craftsmen to join forces for the production. Aim is to combine special and make up effects with computer generated visuals seamlessly. Sound design and music created in the spirit of iconic soundtracks composed during 60s unifying the language, complimenting and completing the visual world. Directed and Produced by Onur Senturk Art Direction: Maxim Goudin, Onur Senturk Typography and Custom Typeface Created by Craig Ward Director of Photography: Mehmet Basbaran Animation, Modelling, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing: Maxim Goudin, Murat Kilic, Ilhan Yilmaz, Aynur Kazaz and Onur Senturk Traditional Sculptures: Omer Kasimoglu Special Effects: Emir Ozer Transportation and Set Assistant: Yasin Ozkanli Behind the Scenes: Aynur Kazaz Focus Puller and DIT: Ercan Ender Sound Design and Music: Echolab Composer: Steve Lynch Filmed at A Plus Film Studios Istanbul, Turkey Thanks to: Seda Özdemir, Barış Dikmen, James Hagger, Fethi Kaba, Ayberk Kaba and A Plus Film Studios