Hello, you. [ A normal scene. ] Nothing out of the ordinary. [We imagine the wind blowing ] Time in physics is operationally defined as "what a clock reads". Gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces of physics. Depth perception is the ability to perceive the world in three dimensions. Depth can also refer to a profundity of emotion or feeling. [ A cup scurries across the tabletop. ] In the world of '3D computer graphics' there is said to exist an influential force, lovingly nicknamed 'Animism'. -- ‘Influencers’ is a film about drawing out the intrigue in the Everyday, and allowing it to humbly influence the world around us. For us it’s a celebration of the Creative Process and a meditation on working in 3D. -- All conceptual, design and production work: f°am Studio for Maxon. Written by f°am Studio Sound Design and Composition by Antfood