American Horror Story: Apocalypse – Hourglass Teaser



American Horror Story: Apocalypse – “Hourglass” Teaser Intended to be a bit of a Mind-F*ck (as we lovingly describe our annual AHS launch campaign), this visually-rich teaser is riddled with clues about the eighth season of American Horror Story. We start off with a living fetus, encased in an hourglass – fed by a beating black heart. The journey takes us through a missile launch, mushroom clouds, a disintegrating mask, mischievous and eerie black hands that seem to control moments throughout the story, rotten figs giving birth to scorpions, birds crashing through gothic windows, a pentagram seared into a coffin, raining death, and a resetting of the hourglass. What does it all mean?! Find out, this September! Additional write-up & credits to follow! Enjoy! FX NETWORKS President, Marketing & Promotions, Multi-Platform Marketing – Stephanie Gibbons EVP, Content & Editorial, Multi-platform Marketing – John Varvi SVP, Motion & Digital Design – Steve Viola VP, Motion Design – Amie Nguyen VP, Production, Motion Design – Dara Barton Created By FX DESIGN Creative Directors – Steve Viola, Michael Parks, Amie Nguyen, Synderela Peng Executive Producer – Dara Barton Associate Producer – Mel Reeck Visual Effects Supervisor – Michael Viscione Modeling / Animation – Jamie Sawyer VFX Artists – Michael Viscione, Jean Chiu, Ryan Coster Pre-Visualization – Kay Park Compositing – Jason Heinze, Ryan Hunnewell, Alex Yoon, John Kim, Michael Parks Editorial – Michael Parks Color – Steve Viola, Austin Wallender Motion Design – Myung Yu, Julio Ferrario Visual Effects By FX DESIGN > Seamless Sequence, Missile Silo, Gas Mask & Skull, Coffin & Incinerator METHOD STUDIOS > Hourglass Sequences KORB > Blast & Mushroom Cloud TENDRIL > Fig & Scorpions TRIZZ > Birds & Window Live-Action Production THE JOELSONS Directed By – Steve Viola, Michael Parks Director of Photography – Kevin Joelson Producer – Rebecca Joelson Camera – Marq Castagne Production Design / Art Direction – Alessandro Marvelli