lululemon // 20 Years: Youngblood



We were very excited to work with hometown hero, lululemon, on a series of spots created in celebration of their 20th birthday. The spots bring to life five of the lines from lululemon's evolved manifesto through the stories of some badass members of their global community. #3 of 5, Youngblood. ------- CREDITS Client: lululemon Agency: lululemon Directed by Giant Ant Head of Production: Teresa Toews Producer: Matt James Creative Direction: Jay Grandin Art Direction: Rafael Mayani Storyboards: Rafael Mayani, Conor Whelan, Jay Grandin Illustration: Rafael Mayani, Genice Chan Animation: Conor Whelan, Diego Maclean, Sitji Chou, Douglas Alberts, Taylor Peters, Shawn Hight, Sebastian Curi, Reece Parker, Jardeson Rocha Music: Youngblood Sound Design: Playdate