7 Wine Facts & Myths

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA9AQGPcOcQ


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We all know at least one wine snob who goes through all sorts of rituals that they swear will bring out the best flavor, like swirling the glass and decanting the bottle before drinking. But is there any merit to these claims? We talked to expert wine researchers and sommeliers to get the truth.

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Produce r:
Elaine Seward

Sam Lemonick

Executive Producer:
Adam Dylewski

Scientific consultants:
Susan Ebeler, Ph.D.
Hildegarde Heyman, Ph.D.
Many Oser, Sommelier
Robert McGorrin, Ph.D.
Darcy Gentleman, Ph.D.
Kyle Nackers

Sean Parsons
Autumn Moran

Roberto Daglio - Com Todo Meu Amor
Mdeman -Cadillac Candy

Specials thanks:
Whitney Beaman
Justine Vanden Heuvel
Pilar McKay
Azari Vineyards

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