Time Lapse of Sol LeWitt's "Wall Drawing #797" | Blanton Museum of Art

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc-c-pYGCrw


In February of 2014, the Blanton team was hard at work preparing to open "Converging Lines," our exhibition celebrating the friendship between Eva Hesse and Sol LeWitt. As part of that process, 49 University of Texas students ranging from PhDs to undergrads, Electrical Engineering to Art History majors, worked over 11 days alongside trained drafters from the LeWitt estate to bring Wall Drawing #797 to life.

Wall Drawing #797: The first drafter has a black marker and makes an irregular horizontal line near the top of the wall. Then the second drafter tries to copy it (without touching it) using a red marker. The third drafter does the same, using a yellow marker. The fourth drafter does the same using a blue marker. Then the second drafter followed by the third and fourth copies the last line drawn until the bottom of the wall is reached, 1995

Black, red, yellow, and blue marker on wall
Installation view, Blanton Museum of Art
LeWitt Collection, Chester, Connecticut
© 2014 Estate of Sol LeWitt/Artist Rights Society (ARS)