ballet rotoscope | バレエ・ロトスコープ



Masahiko Sato + EUPHRATES

1'53" / Short Movie / 2011


ロト スコープ(rotoscope)と呼ばれるアニメーションの手法を発展させて作り上げ た実験映像です。ロトスコープは通常、人物の輪郭線をなぞってアニメーションを制作す る方法が一般的ですが、本作品では撮影したバレリーナの動きを正確にトレースし、そこ からダンスの軌跡を描いた曲線や、計算機科学などの数理的な手法で生成されたアニメー ションを合成しています。実写映像とアニメーションが相互に関係し合う、新しい美しさ を持つ表現を目指しました。

CD: 佐藤雅彦
AD: 山本晃士ロバート
Dir: 山本晃士ロバート, 石川将也
Camera: 佐藤匡
Programmer: 安本匡佑
Dancer: 浦邉玖莉夢
Musical Performance: 小川恵生
Co: 田中みゆき
Production: ユーフラテス

「コ・フェスタPA O」事業の一環として制作されました。

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This work is an experimental video created from a research about "Rotoscope" and “Computer Geometry”. Rotoscope is known as an traditional technique for creating animation invented in 1905 by Max Fleischer in which animators traced the actors outline over live-action film to make a realistic cartoon. Through research, we rediscovered and developed this technique from a new point of view by extracting various information, not just outline, from a live film and created experimental films since 2003.
In "ballet rotoscope", by extracting the movement of a dancing ballerina, we created a animation of locus drawn in the air, and dancing geometric figures, composed with a documentary picture. The geometric figures were created by connecting the movement of ballerina’s joints by using algorithm of computer geometry(such as "convex hull",and "Delaunay diagram"). Our aim was to represent a complete new type of beauty, by showing the interaction of abstract animation with realistic movements and documentary film.

created by: Masahiko Sato + EUPHRATES(2011)

creative director: Masahiko Sato
art director: Kohji Robert Yamamoto (EUPHRATES)
film director: Kohji Robert Yamamoto, Masaya Ishikawa (EUPHRATES)
camera: Masashi Sato (EUPHRATES)
programmer: Masasuke Yasumoto
dancer: Kurimu Urabe
musical performance: Emi Ogawa
coordination: Miyuki Tanaka (21_21 DESIGN SIGHT)
production: EUPHRATES

1'53" / Short Movie / 2011

This video was created as part of CoFest PAO project being implemented
by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and
VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization).