Frank Chimero - What Screens Want



Screens are the primary material of interaction and interface design. We’ve been talking about what it means to design natively for screens for ages, but with the prevalence of touch screens and the redesign of iOS, the topic has been rekindled with more passion.

Unfortunately, discussion has devolved into a pendulum swing between “flat design” and skeuomorphic approaches, because we haven’t taken the time to consider what screens want. Screens, of course, don’t have desires, but every material does have a grain, and that grain suggests the material’s identity and the best way to use it. So, what if we listened to screens, considered their origin, and searched for patterns? And what if they told us the way forward had nothing to do with how things looked?

About Frank

Frank Chimero is a designer and writer from New York. His 2010 Build talk, The Shape of Design, turned into a book by the same name.

Recorded at Build 2013

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