The Seaweed Sisters : Colorwise



You'll find your unique color, yes it's true.
Whether pink, lime green, or royal blue.
It may not come easy, but don't you pout.
You've got friends along the way to help you out!

---------------------------------- -------------

Created, Choreographed & Performed by The Seaweed Sisters:
Megan Lawson, Jillian Meyers & Dana Wilson

Directed by:
Angela and Ithyle

Music by:
Sam Sparro

Director of Photography:
Arian Soheili

Editing by:
Arian Soheili

First Assistant Camera:
Elouise Kerr

Color by:
Apache Digital

Visual Effects by:
Make VFX
Rusty Ippolito

Wardrobe by:
Alisha Silverstein
Megan Feely

Fabrication and Pyrotechnics by:
Vice Chief

Labours of Love by:
Daniel Reetz, Vuki Backonja, & Jo'Artis Ratti
(aka The Seaweed Misters)

Special Thanks To:
Jenn Stafford
Eric at Weeses Pieces