Amason - I Want To Know What Love Is (Official Video)



From the EP "California Airport Love"


The Story

"I first heard Amason play the song live, in the summer 2015.
It completely swept my feet and reminded me about my longtime friend Erick, the man in the video, who once told me that he can’t even remember the sensation of love.
As I’m already blessed to live with a person who shows me love, I shortly after the concert called Erick to ask how he was, and if he wanted to tell me more about his solitude? During this call, that went on all night, I came across a study that said that the Yeti (in some civilizations called Bigfoot) is the most loving creature around. Erick could instantly see why, just like him he thought, the Yeti was misunderstood in all its attempts to intimacy. So we decided there and then, me still high on emotions from the tone, to let everything else be and find the Yeti. We travelled for six months and the search took us to Brazil, Sweden and Switzerland. The video shows pieces of the quest, and what other music to complement it, then the tune that started it all?

As far as I know Erick is still single." - Filip Nilsson, Director

Shoot on location in Åre. Sweden, Rio de Janeiro, Zurich, Klosters and Davos.

Production Company Folke Film
Executive Producer Joi Persson
Producer Erick Lundqvist / Filip Nilsson
Director Filip Nilsson
Director of Photography Daniel Tackács
AC Bella Gavelin
Editor Johan Kjellberg / Filip Nilsson
Aerial Footage Fred Arne Wergeland
Postproduction Swiss International Stockholm
Senior Producer Erik Holmedal
VFX Supervisor Joel Lindman
Lead 3-D Artist Andreas Leijon
Colorist Annika Pehrson
Compositing Kristian Zdunek
Compositing Jon Wesström
Compositing Robin Zeijlon
Production Service Zurich Pumpkin Film
Executive Producer Sonja Brand
Producer Lamar Hawkins
Audio Post Plop Stockholm
Sound Designer Fredrik Sundberg