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aberration abstract art chromatic color design diffraction echolab film gradient griffin shane spectrum

ODYSSEY VR: A Spacetime Trip (360 video)

360 art awake beeple dive division electronic epoch glider music reality tycho video virtual vr

A Sequence of Statements

3d alfieri animation art cgi design direction editorial film loop looping loops pablo playful short typography

The Statue Experiment

3d art graphic motion statue


animation art consumerism cutts happiness illustration race rat rats society steve


art cyberpunk design future nature noir science tech

Me, by J-Money

animation art childhood children drawing frame ink kid motion poem poet preschool short

Political Lamp - Parse/Error

art cloud design immersive interactive lamp light lightning marseille parseerror thunder trump twitter ufunk

Antithesis | Async | Ryuichi Sakamoto

3d animation art async cg disintegration graphic houdini motion music redshift ryuichi sakamoto

生きている絵 (living picture)

animation art culture japan japanese old painting tradition traditional


2d animation art drawn fall falling film hand ignorant magee new ollie paint short tv york

Reflections of HAL and Samantha

2001 9000 ai appropriation art artificial conversation hal installation jonze kubrick learning machine mashup odyssey operating os robot samantha system video

Cat Hole

airside animation art black brush bum cat design feline illustration japan kitten line neko nippon tokyo white

How To Be Confident

alain animation art botton c4d cel confidence de effects history life montage motion octane philosophy school stop

Rock Band

arduino art beatles comes kinetic midi music openframeworks robot rock rocks stepper sun teensy

An Exit

animation art dance drawing exit glitch herndon holly rotoscope videoart