Mr. Foley



Written & Directed by D.A.D.D.Y. Short film Duration: 4.50 m A darkly funny but nightmarish scenario, a man wakes up in hospital with a group of sound artists soundtracking his life. Mr Foley is an award winning short film directed by Dublin directing duo Mike Ahern & Enda Loughman aka D.A.D.D.Y. The film has been on the festival circuit for a while but has just premiered online for all to see, YAY! teamdaddy[at] @team_daddy Winner Best Short Film at the San Francisco United Short Film Festival Winner Best in Festival at the Fastnet Short Film Festival, Ireland Winner Best ‘Sound-Scape’ Award from the European Centre for the Arts at Dresden Film Festival, Germany Winner best film 2010 Short Short Story Film Festival, Rhode Island Winner Best Musical, Amsterdam Film Festival Winner Best Film Audience Prize, Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival Winner of the Metrópolis-Mecal Prize , Barcelona Winner, best Art direction International Short Film Festival of Cyprus Golden Méliès Nomination for best European fantastic short film, Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival Nominated for the LEO at the 24th Braunschweig Int'l Film Festival, Germany To see all the screenings we can remember check out: tml