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*Use the CC button on the right for Polish subtitles!* Artists Rick and Laura Brown inspire an international team to reconstruct one of the magnificent wooden synagogues of Poland, the last of which were destroyed by Nazis during World War II. As over 300 students and artisans work with period hand tools to build the complex log structure and paint the brilliantly colored ceiling, they discover a little-known period of history when Jews and Poles worked side-by-side to create a stunning, mysterious, and profoundly meaningful building. Producer: Cary Wolinsky • Executive Producer: John Rubin • Directer & Editor: Yari Wolinsky Featuring music by Di Galitzyaner Klezmorim, John Kusiak, and Neoklez www.raisetheroofmovie.com www.trilliumstudios.com www.johnrubin.com