And so we put goldfish in the pool. /そうして私たちはプールに金魚を、  



And so we put goldfish in the pool. Director/Writer:Makoto Nagahisa ● ● massage→ !!!The Short Film Grand Jury Prize in Sundance!!! Story This is a true story which took place in Saitama in 2012. In the summer of 2012, 400 goldfish were released in the swimming pool of a junior-high school in Sayama Town, Saitama. The culprits: four female students. According to the Police statement, the girls “thought the fish would look pretty”. But why did they really do it? Based on a true story, this fast-paced short film continually betrays the viewer’s expectations as it explores the feelings of the four girls and their motives, accompanied by a soundtrack of old-time hits including Seventeen and Virgin Blues! Director/Writer:Makoto Nagahisa Executive producer:Takeshi Tanaka Producer:Haruki Yokoyama Cinematography:Hiroaki Takeda Electrician:Yuki Maeshima Sound:Junnosuke Okita ---------------------------------------- ------ 第一回Moon Cinema Project、グランプリ作品。 Moon Cinema Project ●WEBSITE: ●twitter: vie ●TrailerA⇒ v=SxUkRu75pDQ&t=1s ●TrailerB⇒ v=zvfhv3ly0xA