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Make Them Believe is a documentary exploring Moscow’s underground wrestling scene through the eyes of one up-and-coming performer. Follow Tim Malster’s journey (who plays the heel ‘American Hope’) as he chases his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. In this unexpectedly relatable film, director Taimi Arvidson tackles the universal struggle of the pursuit of a dream. License the footage: Learn more about the film: Go Behind-the-Scenes on the blog: DIRECTOR Taimi Arvidson CINEMATOGRAPHER Nick Midwig EDITOR Andrew Hassell COMPOSER Brendan Canty FEATURING Timofei Maltese, "American Hope" and Ivan Markov, "Locomotive" PRODUCERS Taimi Arvidson Nick Midwig Zamir Gotta ADDITIONAL PRODUCERS Yuliya Fedyukova Katya Gotta ASSISTANT CAMERA Nicholas Huynh SOUND RECORDIST Michael Barkovskiy GAFFER Nikolai Shugurov PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Anton Ustimov TRANSPORTATION SERVICES Nikolai Lavut TITLE DESIGN Kevin Carmack ADDITIONAL EDITOR Anya Prokhorkina POST PRODUCTION SERVICES PROVIDED BY Outpost Digital, New York COLORIST Josh Kanuck ASSISTANT EDITOR Anna Hulkower POST PRODUCTION SOUND SERVICES BY Studio Unknown, LLC DIALOGUE EDITOR Kevin Hill SOUND DESIGNER AND FOLEY ARTIST Matt Davies, MPSE SOUND EFFECTS EDITOR Rich Bussey Cazz Cercez FOLEY RECORDIST Rich Bussey PRE-RECORDING MIXER Kevin Hill, CAS AUDIO POST PROD. COORDINATOR Jaime Horrigan