The Wireless



An unexpected encounter in a quiet bar. Reed Short Film Comp 2012 Directed by: Mark Fitzsimons (!/mrkfitzz) Director of Photography: Mook Vignes (!/RabiahZaruq) Edited by: Niall Condon (!/t1tuspullo) Produced by: Mark Fitzsimons & Sam Miles (!/SammyDozens) Written by: Mark Fitzsimons, Sam Miles & Niall Condon Sound Design: Mook Vignes & Sam Miles Color: Mark Fitzsimons Cast: Ciaran Murphy, Vickie Dunphy, Nathan Twigg Radio Broadcaster: Gemma Murphy Titles: Sam Miles Music: "Mahwah" by Jawbone Special thanks to: John Loftus Thanks to: Ollie Breslin, Filmlab