My first project back after a well deserved summer holiday at the beginning of 2012 was my second music video for Clap Clap Riot. Being summer I wanted to create a video that incorporated plenty of processes from outside the computer. Everything in the video was created by hand. The verses were scribbled over frame by frame. The choruses were filmed, printed then scanned frame by frame. All elements and animations were painted, drawn, photocopied and scanned frame by frame. I enlisted the help of Tom McCarten who was involved from an early stage and did the bulk of the scribbling animation throughout the verses and contributed right throughout the creative process. Jared Toth provided a touch of flash animation which begins around 2:25 and Luke Toth spent many hours assisting in the post production processes. All footage shot by Jeremy Toth Produced by Carte Blanche & Co Funded by NZ on Air. Check out the band here: CLAPCLAPRIOT.COM Check me out here: JOHNNYLYON.TV