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Addictions - directed by Giovanni Bucci

addictions bucci director giovanni

The Gift

blr cgi gift lazy phillips robot

Poncho Company - Fashionfilm St.Moritz, Switzerland

anja autumn bernutz bhrer chregi christian company fabian fashion fashionfilm felber fuchs poncho red sabina sarah semrau st.moritz switzerland weber

¿Paga Dios? - Cortometraje Ficcion

28 argentina branding bruno bustos cortometraje destrozos dios films girola granizo martin melies pablo paga pileta piscina pochoclo scopazzo tejas

I LIKE TRAINS // Sea Of Regrets

5d dslr hd i music trains video

Too Late

1weekfilms films funny scary side zombie

Tribe - Piers Faccini

faccini maps motion piers stop tribe


60d action base canon consulting espen extreme fadnes flight flying goovinn gopro jump lenses management norway produktion project proximity sigma skydive sports stavfel stryn wingsuit wingsuiting

Always In Colour

1.4 30mm 50mm 600d bmx canon dolly flat lookbook obey pentax ride rockwell sigma skate spot student woods

Home Spot Kitesurf

angola gustykite lisa surf videira

la jetée (#remix) - w/ english subs

concept connoisseur imagination jete la movie reality remix short

The Making of "Hero"

art dots drawing hero miguel pointillism stipple stippling

Caged Animals - Piles Of $$$

$$$ ace animals caged eat heart heat money norton own piles teenagers teflon their

Vacation dance

50mm 550d canon dance flowers sea sun

Floating Mountains

a320 airways arizona clouds floating imagine mountains newark phoenix sky us

El Empleo / The Employment

2008 animacin animado animated animation annecy argentina cortometraje el empleo employment film fipresci short