Pizza Verdi TRAILER



Pizza Verdi (2011) Featuring MARIE ZAMORA and NORM LEWIS Here's a quick peek (38 sec trailer) for the short film Pizza Verdi. Now Playing. The entire 7 minute film here > info on film: When a seemingly routine pizza delivery escalates into a tense game of cat-and-mouse. We soon realize that perhaps there's more to this story than first meets the eye. Giuseppe Verdi provides the soundtrack for this quintessential New York tale. Written & Directed by GARY NADEAU Starring MARIE ZAMORA and NORM LEWIS Produced by ALAIN BOUBLIL & GARY NADEAU Director of Photography BEN JACKS Gaffer | Grip CHRIS CUMMINGS AC & Additional Photography JASON KOONTZ Sound Design SEAN GARNHART Edited by GARY NADEAU Grading and Titles DELUXE NYC MUSIC: "CARO NOME" from the Opera "RIGOLETTO" by GIUSEPPE VERDI performed by MARIE ZAMORA "GREATEST" by DOX music video courtesy of ROBERT E. HOLLEY for GRAVE SHIFT STUDIOS Special thanks to: Stefan Boublil, Michael Jackman, Erin Nadeau. running time: 7 minutes 42 seconds SHORT - NARRATIVE © HEROIC PICTURES, INC 2011 visit us at Shot on Canon 5DMKII