GOODSHIP - Sessions Vol. 1



Ishmael Butler of Shabazz Palaces and Seattle surf/punk rockers Tacocat, collaborated on some new music during a weekend of heightened creative expression. The historic and haunted Tokeland Hotel on the southwest coast of WA was transformed into a recording studio by music producer Erik Blood, and the musicians were free to get stoned and jam. The Goodship Company, a cannabis edibles brand, spearheaded the project and this short documentary reveals a behind-the-scenes look at the highest of artistic inspiration under the effects of legal marijuana. Producer: The Goodship Company
 Creative Director: Greg Lundgren Musicians: Ishmael Butler, Emily Nokes, 
 Bree McKenna, Lelah Maupin, Eric Randall
 Music Producer: Erik Blood Director: J. Austin Wilson 
Producer: Jody Hall, Eileen Namanny, Tim Ziegler 
Cinematographer: Justin Henning 
Photographer: Charles Peterson, Ben Lindbloom
 Sound Recorder: Elijah Lawson
 Sound Engineer: William Smith Editor: Nick Pezzillo
 Colorist: Eric Rosen 
Title Designer & Compositor: David Viau 
Sound Mixer: Ellis Hawes