Soul of a Scrapyard



Soul of a Scrap Yard was was originally published by the New York Times Op-Doc Series. Across the street from Citi Field in Queens there is a hidden corner of New York known as the Iron Triangle. It’s a shantytown of scrap yards and auto body shops, flanked by three intersecting streets that form a triangle. In the morning hours, as people convene on the dirt roads while sea gulls flock overhead, the neighborhood of Willets Point seems a world away from what many of us think of New York City, with its upswell of luxury apartments and gentrification.... Read More at: on/scrapyard-willets-point-queens.html Directed By: Mike Plunkett Andrew David Watson Cinematography by: Andrew David Watson Steadicam by: Gabriel Pimenta Edit by: Mike Plunkett Winnie Cheung Assistant Editor: Matt Egan Sound Design by: Julienne Guffain Colorist: Eric Schwalbe Music: Lives are threads by Salomon Ligthelm Midnight by Salomon Ligthelm National Anthem performed by Patricia Ortega Production and post services: Crew Cuts Picture Farm Productions