Directed by Páraic Mc Gloughlin. Shot in Ireland and Poland - a journey that explores ideas of decision, choice,consequence,circumstance and time among other things, a personal perception on how we try to find whatever it is we are searching for.The film looks at objects,people,and places which share common properties,our connection with one another and our environments in the very similar yet very different paths we share. This project became a little obsession of mine:) Thanks Dad,Kevin Mc Gloughlin,Pearse Mc Gloughlin and Jaroslaw Klups for all the help,and input..cheers:) Imagery: Personal photography Audio: Personal sounds Music: Excerpts from 'Mate Ditat (The Sea Restores)' by Nocturnes Stream: xDTvlYyWmmJvG?si=KIHR2daoe 'Chase' by Pearse McGloughlin Composed for 'Chase'