'BACKSTORY' (short film)

Source: http://vimeo.com/245687147


'BACKSTORY' written and directed by Joschka Laukeninks for more info visit www.backstory-film.com or follow us on facebook https://www.facebook.com/backstoryshortf ilm written and directed by JOSCHKA LAUKENINKS produced by BENJAMIN HORSTKOTTE produced by TOBIAS WICHURA cinematography by EIKE RIECHE edited by VERA BERG starring JAN STAPELFELDT, JESSICA MCINTYRE, XENIA ASSENZA narrated by PHILIPP MOOG music GERMAN WAHNSINN production company THE MARMALADE FILMS 'BACKSTORY' was shot in Germany in 17 shooting days over a period of 1,5 years. It has been screened at more than 110 festivals worldwide and, so far, has won more than 30 international awards. Our love goes out to all the wonderful people who worked so hard on this film for such a long time! :-) see the full crew list and more info at www.backstory-film.com here is some of the 33 AWARDS we have won * BEST SUPER SHORT* at NEW YORK CITY INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL New York City, US *BEST SHORT* at ORLANDO FILM FESTIVAL, Orlando, US *BEST FOREIGN SHORT* at TWISTER ALLEY FILM FESTIVAL Woodward, US *BEST FILM* COLCHESTER FILM FESTIVAL, Colchester, UK *BEST OF FESTIVAL* at FASTNET FILM FESTIVAL Schull, Cork, Ireland *ROGER DEAKINS AWARD* at PLYMOUTH FILM FESTIVAL Plymouth, UK *JURY AWARD* at HAMILTON FILM FESTIVAL, Hamilton, US *BEST DIRECTOR* at FARM FILM FESTIVAL, Sicily, Italy *BEST FOREIGN SHORT* at ANOTHER INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL, Wisconsin, USA *BEST IN SHOW* at CREATION INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Ottawa, Canada *AUDIENCE AWARD* at OPORTO INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Porto, Portugal *BEST STORY* at REVOLUTION ME FESTIVAL, New York City, US (...) www.joschka-laukeninks.de www.themarmalade.com https://www.facebook.com/backstoryshortf ilm