TID Exploring Time 005 by Builders Club

Source: http://vimeo.com/240655347


'It's an observation of a moment in time and what happens to our mind when we let go and start drifting away. Something ordinary suddenly becomes the impulse for our imagination and we find ourselves wondering where reality ends and imagination starts. Only to wake up realising that it was only relativity playing with us.' TALENT ASTIN SANDERS @LINDENSTAUB DIRECTOR BUILDERS CLUB (JONAS HEGI & JULIEN SIMSHAUSER) PRODUCTION: BUILDERS CLUB PRODUCER: JONAS HEGI PROD COORD. ESTER VIANA ART DIRECTION VIVIANA FAGNANI DOP TOM ELLIOTT AC MARIT DE BRUIJNE PHANTOM OP JOE WERRY STYLING COLINE BACH HAIR & MAKEUP LUCINDA WORTH Thanks to MovieTech and Pete Moore for the generous support.