A new way to knit

Source: http://vimeo.com/175653201


In short, this project explores a completely new way to knit. The knitting is done by hand, on a primitive circular loom; a few thousand meters of continuous black thread are knitted as straight lines across the circumference, in a pattern dictated by a specially designed algorithm. Note that there is a lot of computing involved in the process of making, but, the final artwork carries absolutely no technology. Although any digital picture can be converted to a knitting pattern of this type, portraits are the most interesting themes. Despite the extreme limitations of the design, the depicted faces are still recognizable, but inevitably appear fuzzy and smudged; a large degree of uncertainty about the characteristics and the emotions of the depicted persons is inducted. The project challenges our perception of reality and serves as a comment to our limited understanding of our world. The first series of knitted portraits is based on El Greco’s expressive figures. More info: http://artof01.com/vrellis/works/knit.ht ml Available here: http://www.saatchiart.com/vrellis