GTX Titan X Hackintosh!!! Ultimate Beast... ASUS Bios Settings & Multibeast...




My nHackPro -- LOL get it?
Built myself a Hackintosh for Resolve and Adobe Photoshop running a GTX Titan X 12gb GPU il be comparing it againts my old Mac Pro from 2009 soon :)
Photoshop def feels snappier and resolve is a little better on the colour tab but slower on the editing tab but using optimised media fixed it...

ASUS Maximus Hero
32GB 3000MHz DDR4 Ram
XP941 512gb - macOS
SM961 256gb - Windows 10 pro
Inatek USB 3 card
Decklink Intensity Pro 4k

Storks Guide is Here ----- storks-myhero-build-asus-rog-maximus-vii i-hero-i7-6700k-gtx-980.197284/

Its seriously good and if you following it to the teeee, YOU CANT GO WRONG, If you did follow it and something is not right start again.

I have a blog all about GPU’s in compute. Feel free to stop by and have a read, im building a community on GP-GPU and would love for you to stop by.

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