Are Ben and Andy Quilty related?

Are Ben and Andy Quilty related?

Ben Quilty credits the family’s prodigious creative output — a cousin, Andy Quilty, is a painter based in Perth — as part fluke, part product of a philosophical outlook that emphasised art alongside sport and family as central to life.

Who is Ben Quilty’s wife?

Kylie NeedhamBen Quilty / Wife

Where was Ben Quilty born?

Sydney, AustraliaBen Quilty / Place of birth

Who was Ben Quilty inspired by?

Ben Quilty, Australia, 1973 Kuta Rorschach No. 2, 2013 oil on canvas, 220 x 520cm Bendigo Art Gallery, R H S Abbott Bequest Fund 2014. Image courtesy of the artist and Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne. As an art student, Quilty was influenced by the painters Frank Auerbach and Nicholas Harding.

Who is Andy Quilty?

Andy Quilty is a multidisciplinary artist engaged with the experience, documentation and interrogation of societal anxieties around criminality in a suburban context.

Where did Ben Quilty grow up?

Born in 1973, Quilty grew up in the outer suburbs of north-western Sydney, where his youth typified the self-destructive character of Australian masculinity: drugs, alcohol, and recklessness.

Where is Andrew Quilty now?

He has been based in Kabul, Afghanistan ever since.

What did Andy Quilty study?

b. 1981. Andrew Quilty left school after completing Year 10 in 1999, and went to study photography at TAFE, graduating in 2004. Having undertaken work experience with the Australian Financial Review, he was employed by the paper.

Where was Andrew Quilty trained?

Sydney Institute of TAFE’s
Everything but his well-hidden camera, and surfboard, which he was riding at the time, was stolen. 30,000KM later, he enrolled in the Sydney Institute of TAFE’s Photography program, finishing at the top of his class in 2004. He was given an informal internship at Fairfax Media which evolved into full-time employment.

Where does Frank Auerbach live?

Auerbach is a figurative painter, who focuses on portraits and city scenes in and around the area of London in which he lives, Camden Town.

Is Frank Auerbach still painting?

Auerbach is still working on a daily basis in the same studio in north London.

What was the course and where did Andy Quilty study?

An education: TAFE & Fairfax Following the road trip, Quilty enrolled in a course studying photography at Ultimo TAFE, in Sydney.