Are dolls from the 60s worth anything?

Are dolls from the 60s worth anything?

Dolls made prior to 1990 can sell for up to $700. Those made after 1990 sell for closer to $100. Whether your model is from the ’60s or the ’90s, these can sell for around $100. If your action figures are from the ’60s, they can go for over $2,000, and the vehicles and accessories can be worth as much too.

Does ideal still make dolls?

Their most popular dolls included Betsy Wetsy, Toni, Saucy Walker, Shirley Temple, Miss Revlon, Patti Playpal, Tammy, Thumbelina, Tiny Thumbelina, and Crissy….Ideal Toy Company.

Ideal’s logo in 1982
Founded 1907
Defunct 1997
Fate Merger with Mattel
Successor View-Master Ideal

What was the name of the 1960s doll who cried?

Tiny Tears ~ A Vintage Doll (30 pieces jigsaw puzzle) Tiny Tears was a doll manufactured by the American Character Doll Company (ACDC). She was introduced in 1950 and remained in production through 1968, when ACDC went out of business.

What is my Tammy doll worth?

The line of Tammy dolls and outfits, sold exclusively in Japan, now command high prices with American collectors. Tammy in her various formal kimono ensembles reach prices of $300 plus when complete and in mint condition.

What are some of the best vintage 1960s dolls?

Vintage 1960’s Ideal Toy 21″ THUMBELINA DOLL Works Moving Head OTT-19 Clean! Vintage 1960s 11″ Horsman Doll. Sleepy eyes Vintage Horseman Soft Body Sleepy Eye Baby Doll Very Scary! Needs TLC! 1960’s

How tall was the ideal Bonnie doll in 1960?

1960 Ideal Bonnie Baby doll , 12″ tall, all vinyl, sleep eyes, molded hair, open mouth, drink wet type, wore a dress with bonnet, booties and had a diaper and bottle.

When did the ideal Kissy baby doll come out?

1963-1964 Ideal Kissy Baby doll, 22″ tall, “The new kissing doll”, vinyl head, body, and arms, bent legs, press belly and hands come together, head tilts forward and lips pucker and makes a kissing sound, .marked on head: Ideal Toy Corp K-21-L-1 , and on back: Ideal Toy Corp. K-22 US Pat. No. 3,054,215.

What was the first baby doll ever made?

The Baby First Step doll, manufactured by Mattel and released in 1961, was one of the first baby dolls that were made to be more realistic. The company used a process called “thermoforming” to create these vinyl-skinned babies with soft bodies that could feel like real infants if handled properly.