Are Goebel and Hummel the same?

Are Goebel and Hummel the same?

Goebel Collectors Club In 1977 the Goebel Collectors’ Club was born, with over 100,000 collectors joining the first year. The name and scope of the club were changed in 1989 to the M.I. Hummel Club and would focus on Sister Hummel’s artwork. The club is now international and today has more than 100,000 members.

What are the most sought after Hummels?

Among the highest-priced Hummels are the early designs of the “Apple Tree Boy” and “Apple Tree Girl.” Occasionally sold as a matched set, these compositions feature a boy and girl respectively nestled in an apple tree. They are also recorded as Hummel mold number #142 and #141.

Are any Hummels worth money?

Generally speaking, older Hummel figurines are more rare, and they tend to have higher values than recently produced figures. However, when taking all of the valuation criteria into account, a new Hummel might be worth more than one of the early models.

What are Goebel Hummels worth?

Most Hummel figurines are worth $50-$75. Some models reach several hundred dollars. Special individual Hummel figurines can be sold for thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

What do the numbers on the bottom of a Hummel mean?

What is this? The identifying marks on the UNDERSIDE of Hummels tell the Hummel Model Number (HUM), the size indicator (Arabic and Roman Numerals), the year of release (usually the year after the production year), and sometimes the paint and/or painters code numbers (incised Arabic numbers or script initials).

What is the rarest Goebel Hummel figurine?

Top 10 Rare Goebel Hummel Figurines and Their Prices. 1 1) Hum 1 – Puppy Love. 2 2) Hum 2 – Little Fiddler. 3 3) Hum 3 – Book Worm. 4 4) Hum 7/X – Merry Wanderer. 5 5) Hum 17/2 – Congratulations.

Where are Hummel figurines made?

The Beswick Company was located in England and made Hummel Figurines during World War II when the Hummel figurines could not be made in Germany. Some of the figurines made by them had the M I Hummel signature and some did not.

How much does a Gerhard Skrobek Hum cost?

In 1971, Master Sculptor Gerhard Skrobek restyled the models to have new hair, socks and a new textured finish. Hum Number: 17/2, Size: 7.75″ to 8.25″ TMK 1, Price: $4000 USD

How much does a Hummel Puppy Love cost?

The TMK-1 Puppy Love model features a deviant-looking boy playing the violin for his pet dog. The puppy looks up adoringly at its owner with cocked ears enjoying the tune. As one of the earliest models, Puppy Love retails between $5,000 – $10,000. 6. International Hummel c.1940