Are Sector 9 decks good?

Are Sector 9 decks good?

Sector 9 longboards are highly praised for their build quality and their smooth and easy riding feel. They’re considered solid and durable at reasonable prices. Many of them are also very beginner-friendly boards.

How much is a Sector 9 longboard worth?

Sector 9 Longboards

Classic Series Platinum Series
Sector 9 Fox Bintang Longboard Complete $198.95 Sector 9 Fault Line Perch Longboard Complete $224.95
Sector 9 Chamber Vortex Longboard Complete $200.00 Sector 9 Chop Hop Noh Longboard Complete Regular price: $158.95 Sale price: $129.99

Who owns sector9?

Bravo Sports
Sector 9/Parent organizations

How much did Sector 9 sell for?

Sportswear and casual clothing manufacturer Billabong has sold Sector 9, the San Diego-based skate hardware brand, to Bravo Sports, a portfolio company of Transom Capital Group, for $12m.

Where are Sector 9 decks made?

And while the majority of skateboard brands closed down their in-house production workshops in the early 2000s and outsourced their woodshops to China, Sector 9 kept it all under one roof at their San Diego headquarters.

Where are Sector 9 longboards made?

San Diego
Since their inception in 1993 Sector 9 longboards have been constructed using all US-made materials, and are assembled in Sector 9’s own San Diego factory. Sector 9 longboard decks are super strong with extra pop, great for pools, parks, and bombing down hills.

Who started Sector 9 skateboards?

Sector 9 manufactures skateboarding equipment and surf/skate lifestyle apparel….Sector 9.

Industry longboard manufacturer
Founded 1993
Founder Steve Lake, Dave Klimkiewicz, and Dennis Telfer and Tal O’Farrell

Where are Sector 9 boards made?

Is Sector 9 A good brand Reddit?

Sector 9 is still producing handmade boards in America, which not all companies can say. No, they aren’t flashy or cool, but they’re functional and they’re high quality. Their line of Racefirm wheels are equally awesome. Additionally, S9 is super generous with hooking up prizes for outlaws.

Is Sector 9 Made in China?

Are Sector 9 longboards good for beginners?

Can you do tricks on a Sector 9 longboard?

FREERIDE RIDING STYLE | Sector Nine. Freeride boards are usually best suited for all types of sliding, flat ground tricks, as well as low to medium speed carving.

When did Sector 9 come out?

Sector 9 is a skateboard manufacturer and subsidiary of Bravo Sports. The company was started in La Jolla, California in 1993 by cofounders Steve Lake, Dave Klimkiewicz, Dennis Telfer, and Tal O’Farrell. Sector 9 is currently headquartered in San Diego, California.

Where is Sector 9 located?

San Diego, California