Are stone plugs good for your ears?

Are stone plugs good for your ears?

Stone on healing ears is a no As another porous material stone easily traps bacteria on the surface which for fresh piercings is the quickest way to an infection. You should also avoid stone piercings if your healed ears have become irritated or you have overly sensitive skin as it could cause an irritation.

Can you wear stone plugs in the shower?

Prolonged exposure to water or moisture will warp and crack the plugs. Take them out when you shower, swim, etc. To clean them, wipe them off with a clean, damp cloth and oil them. Regular oiling with coconut or jojoba oil is also needed to prevent the jewelry from cracking and drying out.

Are plugs measured in diameter?

Round Plugs and Tunnels Gauge: To determine the gauge, measure the diameter of the plugs or tunnels at the middle of the wearing surface.

Can I stretch my ears with stone plugs?

Although you could stretch your ears with any kind of plugs or tunnels, the safest to use and the most highly recommended by piercers is a single flare plug or “tack”.

Should you sleep with gauges in?

It keeps the skin from drying out and cracking. I recommend you sleep with your plugs in your ears. Sleeping without them can cause irritation, dryness, and cracking.

How do you take care of stone plugs?

Clean them with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap and dry well after. Tip: If you find your stone plugs are starting to dull, use a bit of jojoba oil to bring the shine back to life. They don’t need a lot or very often compared to other organic materials but it can definitely help prolong them.

What size is 20mm in gauges?

Convert Ear Gauge to mm and Inch

Millimeters (mm) Inches (“)
20mm 13/16″
21mm 53/64″
22mm 7/8″
24mm 15/16″

Can earplugs be too big?

Like a cork in a bottle, an ear plug that is too large or too small will never achieve an acoustic seal. Look at the ear canal opening to determine whether a different size would be helpful. Yes, ear plugs do come in different sizes, and there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” ear plug.

How do you make your gauges not smell?

Take the plugs or hangers out of your ears and wash them. Wash with warm water and use soap (just like you do in a shower 🙂 Some type of moisturizer on your ears can also be helpful. The odor will be stronger while you are stretching your ears.

What is premium stone plugs?

Premium stone plugs. Made from a variety of organic, and synthetic materials. Great for sensitive lobes.

What are the different types of stone plugs?

At King’s Body Jewelry, we have a variety of stone plugs (more commonly known as stone gauges) available in various sizes. Our collection includes turquoise, tiger’s eye, amber, rose quartz, and many more.

Is it safe to wear stone plugs?

Stone plugs are porous heavy and so should only be worn with healed ears. As long as your lobes are healed and the plugs are cleaned regularly then stone plugs are perfectly safe to wear. How do you care for stone plugs?

How do you clean stone plugs?

Stone plugs should be washed regularly with warm water and a mild soap. You can use a soft cloth or brush to help clean them also but nothing too rough as this may damage the stone. Are stone plugs safe? Stone plugs are safe to wear in healed ears when they are the correct size for your stretched ears.