Are there good job opportunities in Cyprus?

Are there good job opportunities in Cyprus?

Due to the country’s large tourism sector, seasonal and casual jobs are relatively easy to find. Those seeking summer work can find opportunities in hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants.

Which part of Cyprus has the best beaches?

Best beaches in Cyprus

  1. CORAL BAY. A landscape of banana plantations and vineyards surrounds this pretty slice of white sand.
  2. NISSI BEACH. Nissi Beach might be just round the corner from nightlife hotspot Ayia Napa, but the vibe couldn’t be more different.

What is the most popular job in Cyprus?

Below are some of the most in demand positions in 2020 in Cyprus, according to data supplied by Eurostat:

  1. Nurses. Nurses are some of the most sought-after employees in the world.
  2. Auditors.
  3. Engineers.
  4. Dentistry.
  5. Software Development.
  6. Sales Executives.
  7. Pharmacists.
  8. Machine Operatives.

Are there nice beaches in Paphos?

Paphos has the longest coastline of any region in Cyprus, making room for a wealth of glorious beaches. It’s the perfect place to stay for beach lovers. The wildest, most remote stretches hug the Akamas Peninsula, where sea turtles come ashore to nest.

Is it hard to get a job in Cyprus?

It is not easy, you have to be a Cypriot, or your wife Cypriot in order to work legally in Cyprus. And even you are legal to work it is not easy to find a job because of the bad situation in the world few companies are recruiting and most of time they have thousands of applications.

Which is better Larnaca or Paphos?

Paphos has more ancient sights and bigger hotels but most beaches are rocky while Larnaca is all grey sand. Have a look at beach resorts of Ayia Napa or Protaras as the teenagers will have more to do. Hello, First important fact between Cyprus or Egypt is safety.

Are Paphos beaches sandy?

In Paphos there are a few sandy beaches, however, most of the beaches of Paphos is a mixture of sand with gravel and partly rocky sea floor, also has a concrete beach. Most of the beaches of Paphos are awarded with “Blue flag” – a sign of purity and quality of the beach and sea water.

Which job has highest salary in Cyprus?

Top Cyprus Salaries – By Job The highest paid Cyprus are Executive Management & Change professionals at $78,000 annually. The lowest paid Cyprus are Consulting, Accounting & Professional Services professionals at $26,000.

Can you swim in the sea in Paphos?

At Coral Beach and Corallia Beach you will be entering the sea off sand and these are generally considered safe swimming beaches. However, other areas of the coast around Paphos are not as safe, and I believe there have been drownings.

Can you swim in Paphos?

The answer is that there are a few very nice beaches in Kato Paphos tourist area, where you can swim. Most of them are small, yet very beautiful, sandy with clear waters and many amenities around them.

Are there sharks in Cyprus?

These sharks are usually harmless and are in Cyprus waters only to breed and not to feed. There has only been one deadly shark attack in Cyprus to date which happened on September 1901. Since then, no shark attacks have been reported.

How do I get a job in Cyprus?

The requirements for a Cyprus work visa include:

  1. A valid passport.
  2. A completed application.
  3. Medical and police clearance certificates.
  4. Proof of travel health insurance.
  5. Proof of sufficient financial means.
  6. An employment contract with a company in Cyprus, sealed by the Department of Labor.

What is the hourly wage in Cyprus?

The average hourly wage (pay per hour) in Cyprus is 12 EUR. This means that the average person in Cyprus earns approximately 12 EUR for every worked hour.

What are the best beaches in Paphos?

“ Geroskipou beach is one of the best beaches in Paphos district. “ The addition of sand and pebble makes the beach easier to walk on and the gently shelving beach, plus the off shore breakers, means there are only gentle waves.

What are the best beaches in Cyprus?

One of the most famous beaches in Cyprus, and one that shouldn’t be missed. Konnos Bay is located in the Ayia Napa region, and it’s truly beautiful. It is popular both among locals and foreigners, and it tends to get very crowded during the summer season.

Where is the best place to stay in Cyprus?

Paphos has the longest coastline of any region in Cyprus, making room for a wealth of glorious beaches. It’s the perfect place to stay for beach lovers.