Can I add a phone number to my iCloud?

Can I add a phone number to my iCloud?

You can add a trusted phone number in macOS, iOS/iPadOS, and at the Apple ID site: macOS Mojave and earlier: Open the iCloud preference pane, click Account Details, click the Security tab, and click the + (plus) below the Trusted Phone Numbers list. Follow directions to add and verify new numbers.

How do I add my phone number to my iCloud iMessage?

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  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Messages.
  3. Tap Send & Receive.
  4. Log in with your Apple ID.
  5. Tap your phone number to add a checkmark.

How can I access my Apple ID without trusted number?

If you use security questions with your Apple ID, or if you don’t have access to a trusted device or phone number, go to Then you can unlock your account with your existing password or reset your password.

Can you have 2 phone numbers on one Apple ID?

Answer: A: Answer: A: It’s very simple to have two phones with two separate numbers using the same Apple ID. You just sign in with the same Apple ID on both of them.

Why can’t I add my phone number to my iPhone?

Make sure that you’re using the latest software for your Mac or iOS device. Make sure that you correctly followed the iPhone steps to set up your phone number. You should be using the same Apple ID on all of your devices.

How do I associate my phone number with iMessage?

Set up your phone number

  1. Go to Settings > Messages and make sure iMessage is turned on.
  2. Tap Send & Receive.
  3. In the “You can receive iMessages to and Reply From” section, make sure your phone number and Apple ID are selected.

How can I change my iCloud phone number without verification code?

Update your trusted phone number through account recovery

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Select “Didn’t get a verification code?”, then select More Options.
  4. You’ll be redirected to
  5. Complete your account recovery request. Learn more about account recovery.

How can I access my iCloud if I lost my phone?

You can sign in to Find My iPhone on to locate a missing Apple device, even if you lost your trusted device.

Can I use the same Apple ID with different phone numbers?

If you already have an Apple ID that’s an email address, you might not be able to change it to a mobile phone number. However, you can associate your account with different phone numbers or email addresses on your Apple ID account page.

How do I get my phone to recognize my phone number?

For every Android phone, regardless of manufacturer, you’ll be able to find your phone number if you go to Settings > About Phone or About Device > Status > My phone number. Some Android phones will have SIM or SIM card status listed within Status.

Can you have two numbers for iCloud?

You could use one AppleID with the App, music and book stores on both, so all your purchases are tied to one AppleID. But use different AppleIDs to sign into iCloud to keep all your iCloud sync’d data separate. Alternatively you could use different AppleIDs on each for everything.

Why is my iCloud showing instead of my number?

However, the texts appear as iMessages that came from the email address of the person instead of the phone number. The message may display the person’s Apple account. The Apple account shows up because of the email address registered on the iMessage or on the iCloud account.

How do I activate my number for iMessage?

Activating iMessage with Phone Number Open your iPhone settings and go to ‘Messages’. Then, turn on the toggle for ‘iMessage’. A confirmation message will pop up saying that your carrier may charge for an SMS message. Click ‘OK’ to proceed.

How to sync iPhone contacts to iCloud?

How to Sync iPhone Contacts to iCloud 1 Open your iPhone’s settings .This app is typically found on the home screen. 2 Tap your name. 3 Tap iCloud. 4 Slide “Contacts” switch to On .As long as this switch is on (green) your iPhone’s Contacts sync to iCloud. See More….

How do I Sync My iCloud calendar with my iPhone?

Open the Contacts app and tap Groups in the upper-left corner. Make sure that All iCloud is selected. Open the Calendar app and tap the Calendars tab. Make sure that all iCloud calendars are selected. Tap Settings, then Calendar. Tap Sync. If All Events is selected, choose a specific timeframe instead, like Events 1 Month Back.

What happens when I add or update a contact on iCloud?

When you add or update a contact, iCloud makes the change everywhere. With iCloud, you can access your contacts from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or on When you make a change on one device or computer, Contacts updates automatically. So you always have your contacts’ most up-to-date information when and where you need it.

How do I access my iCloud account on my iPhone?

This app is typically found on the home screen. Tap your name. It’s at the top of the menu. Tap iCloud. It’s the first option in the menu. .