Can I submit a design to Nike?

Can I submit a design to Nike?

Yes, if your idea has a utility patent, utility model or a pending non-provisional patent on file with the appropriate government agency, you can submit it to Nike.

Does Nike have design patents?

Nike has just now been awarded a patent and trademark for the Air Jordan 1. A key development in the fight against bootleggers. Nike has spent the last year embroiled with copycats and customizers, be they Warren Lotas and his bootleg Dunks or the MSCHF art collective and its custom Lil Nas X “Satan Shoe” Air Max 97.

How do I submit a song to Nike?

To submit your idea, download the applicable form below, read it carefully, complete it, and follow the directions to submit your idea.

  1. Idea Submission Agreement for Businesses.
  2. Idea Submission Agreement for Individual Inventors.

How do you become a shoe designer?

You can follow these steps to become a shoe designer:

  1. Determine if it’s the best career path for you.
  2. Dedicate time to studying design and drawing.
  3. Consider enrolling in a shoe design program.
  4. Develop your footwear design specialty.
  5. Create and develop your design portfolio.
  6. Pursue various shoe designing internships.

Who designs shoes at Nike?

Tinker Hatfield is one of the world’s most legendary sneaker designers, and currently Nike’s Vice President for Design and Special Projects.

Are shoe designs copyrighted?

This decision by the U.S. Copyright Office clarifies that footwear designs can be perceived as two- or three-dimensional works of art separate from the footwear themselves. Thus, footwear designers clearly have the option of copyright protection for footwear designs having sufficient originality.

How do you patent a shoe design?

Design Patents for Shoes Your application should include a title, a brief description of your included drawings, and drawings of the design. For approval, a design patent must show that the design is new, original, not obvious, ornamental, and subject matter in an article of manufacture.

How can I contact Nike?

(800) 806-6453Nike / Customer service

Can you sell Nike art?

You can sell paintings of anything you like so long as you dont misrepresent the work in anyway. There is no law that says you cant be creative however you want to be with you paints.

How much do Nike designers get paid?

How much does a Designer at NIKE make? The typical NIKE Designer salary is $92,793 per year. Designer salaries at NIKE can range from $67,066 – $117,216 per year.

How much money does a Nike shoe designer make?

approximately $75,350
Average NIKE Designer yearly pay in the United States is approximately $75,350, which is 17% above the national average.

How do I trademark my shoes?

Because the design of the clothing, including shoes, is generally considered a blueprint for the functional part of the product, it cannot be trademarked.

How much does a shoe patent cost?

Getting a Shoe Patent is Costly At least $1,500 in attorney fees for a design patent or $2,500 for a utility patent. Roughly $1,000 in government fees (more if you expedite the application)

How much does it cost to patent a shoe design?

With a patent lawyer, the average cost is between $1,500 and $3,000. Complex cases are more expensive. Applying for a design patent yourself will cost around $1,000 for a small business and $2,000 or more for larger companies.

How do you get a Nike endorsement?

We proactively seek athletes to wear the Swoosh and represent the Nike brand. While we appreciate your love of sport and interest in Nike, we don’t accept unsolicited sponsorship requests.

Can I sell drawings of Nike shoes?