Can we sort string array in Python?

Can we sort string array in Python?

In Python, there are two ways, sort() and sorted() , to sort lists ( list ) in ascending or descending order. If you want to sort strings ( str ) or tuples ( tuple ), use sorted() .

How would you sort a list of strings?

sort() list provides a member function sort(). It Sorts the elements of list in low to high order i.e. if list is of numbers then by default they will be sorted in increasing order. Whereas, if list is of strings then, it will sort them in alphabetical order.

How do you sort multiple strings alphabetically in Python?


  1. Use the Python List sort() method to sort a list in place.
  2. The sort() method sorts the string elements in alphabetical order and sorts the numeric elements from smallest to largest.
  3. Use the sort(reverse=True) to reverse the default sort order.

How do you sort a string without sorting in Python?

You can use Nested for loop with if statement to get the sort a list in Python without sort function. This is not the only way to do it, you can use your own logic to get it done.

How do you sort a list of words in Python?

Python Program to Sort Words in Alphabetic Order

  1. my_str = input(“Enter a string: “)
  2. # breakdown the string into a list of words.
  3. words = my_str. split()
  4. # sort the list.
  5. words. sort()
  6. # display the sorted words.
  7. for word in words:
  8. print(word)

How do you arrange a string in alphabetical order in Python?

Use sorted() and str. join() to sort a string alphabetically in Python. Another alternative is to use reduce() method. It applies a join function on the sorted list using the ‘+’ operator.

How do you arrange a string in alphabetical order?

How to Sort a String in Java alphabetically in Java?

  1. Get the required string.
  2. Convert the given string to a character array using the toCharArray() method.
  3. Sort the obtained array using the sort() method of the Arrays class.
  4. Convert the sorted array to String by passing it to the constructor of the String array.

How do you organize a string in Python?

Use sorted() and str. join() to sort a string alphabetically

  1. a_string = “cba”
  2. sorted_characters = sorted(a_string) Sort string alphabetically and return list.
  3. a_string = “”. join(sorted_characters) Combine list elements into one string.
  4. print(a_string)

How do you sort an array element in Python?


  1. STEP 1: Declare and initialize an array.
  2. STEP 2: Loop through the array and select an element.
  3. STEP 3: The inner loop will be used to compare the selected element from the outer loop with the rest of the elements of the array.
  4. STEP 4: If any element is less than the selected element then swap the values.

How do you sort words in a string Python?

How do you put a string in alphabetical order in Python?

Does sort () work for strings?

All the containers in python are not mutable like string, so the sort() method does not work with it because sort function in place tries to sort and change the order which does not allow because of immutability. As the sorted() creates a new sorted list so it must sort the string.

How do you sort an array alphabetically in Python?

To sort a list alphabetically in Python, use the sorted() function. The sorted() function sorts the given iterable object in a specific order, which is either ascending or descending. The sorted(iterable, key=None) method takes an optional key that specifies how to sort.

How do you sort a string in alphabetical order?

How to make array of strings in Python?

Arrays. Note: This page shows you how to use LISTS as ARRAYS,however,to work with arrays in Python you will have to import a library,like the NumPy library.

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  • Array Methods.
  • How do I create an array in Python?

    – Using numpy. – Using range (). – Using arange (). – Using typecodes and initializers.

    How to sort Python list of strings of numbers?

    sorted () can be used on a list of strings to sort the values in ascending order, which appears to be alphabetically by default: However, Python is using the Unicode Code Point of the first letter in each string to determine ascending sort order. This means that sorted () will not treat the names Al and al the same.

    How do I create a string in Python?

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