Can you get Radio 5 Live on FM?

Can you get Radio 5 Live on FM?

It is however broadcast in stereo on FM and DAB on BBC Local Radio frequencies overnight, usually from 1 am until BBC Local Radio commences morning broadcasts, usually from 5 am.

What number is 5 live on FM?


Radio 1 97-99 FM
Radio 2 88-91 FM
Radio 3 90-93 FM
Radio 4 92-95 FM, 103-105 FM (with local variations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) For Long Wave and Medium Wave frequencies, see below.
Radio 5 Live 909/693 MW

How do I get BBC Radio 5 Live?

Mobile: You can listen to 5 Live on your smartphone if you visit via your mobile browser. Our mobile site also provides access to our schedule, clips and more.

What has happened to Radio 5 Live?

Overnight shows at BBC Radio 5 Live have been temporarily suspended due to a shortage of staff at the station’s MediaCity HQ. BBC World Service will be rebroadcast instead until at least April 4th 2022.

What happened to BBC Radio 5 Live?

Is Radio 5 live off air?

BBC Radio 5 Live went off air today and switched to emergency pre-recorded audio when the studio was evacuated mid-way through a live broadcast.

Is Radio 5 Live on DAB?

When the BBC has additional sports content, it can be found next to Radio 5 live on DAB radio only. The 5 Live Sports Extra schedule is available online. This is similar to Radio 4 LW on DAB, which can be found next to Radio 4 on the list of stations.

Is radio Sport still going?

The former Radio Sport AM and Wairarapa and Taupo LPFM frequencies were rebranded as Gold AM on 1 July 2020. Match commentaries continue as part of Gold AM programming. The other FM frequencies were rebranded; Blenheim as Radio Hauraki, Westport and Greymouth as ZM.

On which FM Channel cricket is live?

Periodic match updates of all IPL matches are available on FM Rainbow network of AIR (101.3 Mhz- Bengaluru, 101.4 Mhz- Chennai, 103.0 Mhz- Coimbatore, 101.3 Mhz – Cuttack, 102.6 Mhz- Delhi, 102.7 Mhz- Jalandhar, 100.5 Mhz – Kodaikanal, 107.0 Mhz – Kolkata, 100.7 Mhz– Lucknow, 107.1 Mhz – Mumbai, 105.4 Mhz- Panaji and …

Is radio sport on FM?

Radio Sport Listen Live – 89.8-107.7 MHz FM, Auckland, New Zealand | Online Radio Box. Video Player is loading.

Where has Jason Pine gone?

Sports broadcaster Jason “Piney” Pine is now Newstalk ZB’s permanent host of its weekend sport and Monday night Sportstalk programmes, New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME) announced today.

What frequency is radio 5 Live Sports Extra?

BBC Radio 5 Sports Extra

Broadcast area United Kingdom
Frequency DAB: 12B Freeview: 706 Freesat: 706 Sky (UK only): 0144 Virgin Media: 908 Virgin Media Ireland: 928
Format Sport

What is Rnz frequency?

RNZ National broadcasts on both AM and FM (101FM) in most areas. RNZ’s AM Network broadcasts all sittings of Parliament on AM….RNZ Frequencies (* = Community operated transmitters)

North Island Frequencies
Whakatane National FM 101.7 Concert 95.3
Tokoroa National AM 729 National FM 101.0

Who is Jason Pine?

What frequency is BBC Radio 5 Live broadcast on?

On AM, BBC Radio 5 Live broadcasts on the frequencies 693 and 909 kHz. If you’re listening on an AM/FM radio you’ll need to switch to the AM band as Radio 5 Live isn’t available on FM. On DAB radio you should be able to find BBC Radio 5 Live just by scrolling through the stations listed in alphabetical order.

What frequency is BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra?

BBC Radio 1. BBC Radio 5 live. talkRADIO. talkSPORT 2. BBC 5 Live Sports Extra (UK Only) Wimbledon – Court No.1 Radio (only during play) Connect FM 106.8. Love Sport Radio. Wimbledon – Live Radio.

What wavelength is Radio 5 Live Extra?

Radio 5 Live was launched in March 1994 as a repositioning of the original Radio 5, which was launched on 27 August 1990. It is transmitted via analogue radio in AM on medium wave 693 and 909 kHz and digitally via digital radio, television and on the BBC Sounds service.

How to listen to BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra?

You’ll find BBC Radio 5 live sports extra on DAB in the areas below. You don’t need to know any numbers: just tune it in, by name. Your set is a DAB Digital Radio if it has a DAB logo on it somewhere, or if it receives BBC Radio 6 Music. You should find this station on there too, if you’re in the transmission area.