Can you get Skylanders on iPad?

Can you get Skylanders on iPad?

Skylanders Trap Team™ Unleashes Full Game Experience on iPad, Kindle Fire and Android Tablets Day-and-Date with Console Version.

What portal works with Skylanders Trap Team?

The Traptanium Portal
The Traptanium Portal is the version of the Portal of Power for the game Skylanders: Trap Team.

Is Skylanders Trap Team on the app store?

The iOS version of Skylanders Trap Team is now available as a physical starter pack in Apple retail stores nationwide for the first time ever, Activision announced today.

Can you play Skylanders on iOS?

Get the full Skylanders® SuperChargers console video game experience on your iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®. Now you can Bring the Skylanders to Life® as well as Fly, Drive and Dive through Skylands.

What is the Skylanders app called?

Skylanders Trap Team App Review | Common Sense Media.

Can I play Skylanders without portal?

While it’s certainly easier to play Skylanders without the cumbersome portal accessory, its absence fundamentally changes the game into a more traditional experience.

Do Skylander portals work on all consoles?

The PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U and PC portals are all interchangeable between each other. The Bluetooth portal included with Skylanders: Battlegrounds Starter Pack is compatible with all platforms except Xbox 360, Xbox One and 3DS. But only through USB connection.

Is there a Skylanders mobile game?

Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes.

Is Skylanders portals universal?

Portal Compatibility The Spyro’s Adventure 3DS portal is universal and will work on any platform with the exception of Xbox 360, Xbox One and mobile.

What happened to the Skylanders App?

The service has since been discontinued. Activision released seven Skylanders spin-off games on mobile devices. These titles include Cloud Patrol, Battlegrounds, Lost Islands, Collection Vault, Trap Team, SuperChargers (mobile port), Battlecast and Ring of Heroes.

Do you need a new portal for Skylanders Trap Team?

These Portals of Power are backwards compatible with previous Skylanders games, but only the original is forwards compatible one generation. Furthermore, only select Portals of Power are compatible with different consoles (e.g. PS3 with Wii), but a new game will be needed if you plan to play on a different console.