Can you have 2 payday loans in California?

Can you have 2 payday loans in California?

A borrower can have only one payday loan outstanding at any given time. Interest fees for an overdue balance on California payday loans are limited to 15%, but the upfront fees can be equivalent to a rate of almost 500%.

How can I get cash today?

19 Ways to Find Fast Cash

  1. Sell spare electronics.
  2. Sell unused gift cards.
  3. Pawn something.
  4. Work today for pay today.
  5. Seek community loans and assistance.
  6. Ask for forbearance on bills.
  7. Request a payroll advance.
  8. Take a loan from your retirement account.

Does Walmart give cash advances?

Walmart credit card cash advance fee: 3% (min $10). Walmart credit card cash advance rate: 26.99% (V), depending on your credit. It starts accruing immediately. Quick Cash: Anyone with either the Walmart Mastercard or the Walmart Store Card can get $20 cash at the register when making a purchase at Walmart.

What are alternatives to payday loans?

What Are Better Alternatives to Payday Loans?

  • Consider a Payday Alternative Loan (PAL)
  • Apply for a “Bad Credit” Personal Loan.
  • Borrow From Family or Friends.
  • Ask Your Creditor About a Payment Plan.
  • Seek Help From a Credit Counselor.
  • Get a Side Hustle.
  • Consider a Low-Interest Credit Card.
  • Explore Lending Circles.

Can I get a loan straight away?

A quick loan, or speedy loan, is a loan paid to your bank account quicker than a standard loan. If you’re in a situation that requires a fast payout, a fast loan could be your best option. Not only could you receive money on the same day, but we also provide instant decisions so that you’ll never have to wait around.

How much cash advance can I get on my Walmart credit card?

You can withdraw up to the daily limit of $400 or the available cash limit whichever is lower. The minimum purchase amount is $0.01. You must make a merchandise purchase in a Walmart or Amigo’s store to make a Quick Cash transaction.