Can you still get Nextel phones?

Can you still get Nextel phones?

Turns out, Sprint still cares about Nextel. “We are aware of the situation and plan to respond,” spokeswoman Lisa Belot said in an email. “While it is no longer one of our primary brands, we maintain ownership, sell handsets under the Nextel brand and currently have no plans to sell it.”

Are they bringing Nextel phones back?

Sprint (NYSE:S) has no intention of bringing back the Nextel brand for enterprise customers, despite recent rumors to the contrary, the company confirmed to FierceWireless.

Why did they stop making Nextel phones?

Getting rid of the Nextel brand is part of the company’s “Network Vision” transition, a battle plan aimed at vastly simplifying Sprint’s network technology portfolio and freeing up precious wireless spectrum to keep pace with Verizon (VZ, Fortune 500) and AT’s (T, Fortune 500) 4G rollouts.

What were the old walkie-talkie phones called?

Nextel Walkie-Talkie Walkie-talkie phones still exist today.

Can you still use Nextel Chirp?

So the question still stands, is Nextel back? The short answer is, no because the technology never left, it only improved. While we do not offer Nextel phones or services, our Interoperability Technology connects your phone with two-way radios in your business.

Is zello any good?

This walkie-talkie app has a number of good things going for it: It’s easy to set up, its sound quality is good, and it has password-protected parental controls. Setting up new channels is a snap, and a channel search function lets you find channels for anything from hurricane search-and-rescue to Hello Kitty.

Does walkie talkie need WiFi?

Walkie-Talkie requires that both participants have connectivity—through a Bluetooth connection to the iPhone, Wi-Fi, or cellular. Note: Walkie-Talkie is not available in all regions.

Is there a walkie talkie app that works without service?

FireChat. FireChat is a free messaging app that works even without internet access or cellular data for both Android and iPhone users. While this sounds like a dream come true, the one caveat is that you need to create a group to chat with people more than 210 feet away.

Does Boost Mobile still have walkie-talkie phones?

You can get immediate access to Boost or Nextel subscribers at the push of a button with unlimited nationwide Boost Walkie-Talkie, for a low pay-as-you-go daily fee. An all-around versatile and in-demand phone!

Is push-to-talk still available?

The highly developed cell-phone infrastructure available in most countries has made PoC a very efficient and cost-effective method of communication, rendering the traditional PTT walkie-talkie obsolete.

Does Zello cost money?

Zello is free. This includes one-to-one channels and public channels. Premium channels are available for a fee (typically $0.99).

Is Zello app free?

Zello’s Walkie Talkie App is Free The Zello walkie talkie app runs on virtually all iOS, Android, or Windows PC devices, using Internet via WiFi or any carrier data network. Best of all, the app runs without any ads or spam.

Does AT still have push-to-talk?

$5/mo.; $10/mo. Available on certified iOS®, Android®, rugged purpose-built devices and accessories.

Can you use your phone as a Walkie-Talkie without service?

If you’ve been looking for an app that will enable you to talk to your friends and family without data or WiFi, your search is officially over. FireChat is the walkie talkie app that works without signal or internet connection, making it that much easier to communicate when you’re in the wild.

Can you use your phone as a walkie-talkie without internet?

Who is Nextel Communications?

Nextel Communications traces its roots to the 1987 foundation of FleetCall by Morgan O’Brien, Brian McAuley, Chris Rogers, and Peter Reinheimer. FleetCall changed its name to Nextel Communications, Inc. in 1993.

What devices can I use with Nextel?

Any Existing SmartPhone or Tablet. NEXTEL Supports a Phenomenon in the Workplace Known as “Bring Your Own Device”. THIS MEANS ANY EXISTING HANDSET, TABLET, OR PC CAN BE USED WITH NEXTEL! We Have a Wide Range of Customers Across All Industries.

What channels does Nextel have to vacate?

– Nextel and other ESMR operators must relinquish all channels below 862 MHz. The FCC has required Nextel to vacate all its channels in the band from 854 to 854.5 nationwide as soon as possible to provide additional spectrum for Public Safety needs.

Is Nextel still in business 2013?

Nextel Communications. The Nextel network was officially shut down at 12:01 am on June 30, 2013, and Sprint is currently deploying LTE equipment on the 800 MHz spectrum formerly used by the iDEN network.