Can You still get Radio Caroline?

Can You still get Radio Caroline?

Back in the 1960s, Radio Caroline was among those stations being illegally broadcast from ships off the coast of the UK. But now, 50 years later, Ofcom has granted the station its first full-time AM broadcast licence and the station will operate permanently in the form of a reincarnation ship.

What radio frequency is Radio Caroline on?

After a successful application to Ofcom, Radio Caroline has been given the medium wave frequency of 648kHz – once used by the BBC World Service.

How do you get Caroline radio?

Listen to Radio Caroline on DAB Digital Radio You’ll find Radio Caroline on DAB in the areas below. You don’t need to know any numbers: just tune it in, by name. Your set is a DAB Digital Radio if it has a DAB logo on it somewhere, or if it receives BBC Radio 6 Music.

How many listeners does Radio Caroline have?

The ‘amateurs’ were said to be reaching 39million listeners – with 15million in the South of England and the rest in the North. Radio Caroline was founded by Irish businessman Ronan O’Rahilly and George Drummond.

When did pirate radio end in the UK?

With one stroke of the legislative pen, the pirate radio stations were decimated. A few, such as Radio Caroline, continued under these new restrictions, but most like the esteemed Radio London closed. By September 1967, the power of the pirate radio stations had all but gone.

How did Radio Caroline make money?

Radio Caroline even tried to arrange a merger with Radio London, before it started transmissions, but the deal was unsuccessful. For 3 years, until 1967, the DJs on the Radio Caroline pirate ship broadcast their music and shows 24 hours a day and sold advertising space to make money.

Who were the first DJs on Radio Caroline?

Early DJs included Doug Kerr, Carl Conway, Tom Lodge, Tony Jay, Jerry Leighton, Chris Moore, Simon Dee, Gerry Duncan, Mike Alan, Jenny Conway and Marilyn Richard. Within a few months, Radio Caroline was getting more than 2,000 letters every day.

Can you still do pirate radio?

Pirate radio also continues because legal open spots on the FM dial have been filled in since and because of the 1979 ruling, by both full-power and translator stations.

What was the first record played on Radio Caroline?

On 28 March 1964, Radio Caroline transmitted for the first time. The station broadcasted from international waters, three and a half miles off the coast of Suffolk and offered pop music from 6am until 8pm. The first record played on Caroline was ‘Not Fade Away’ by the Rolling Stones.