Can you use metro ticket on bus in Barcelona?

Can you use metro ticket on bus in Barcelona?

Metro tickets are not valid in: cable cars, the blue tram to Tibidabo, and the tourist buses. The best place to buy metro tickets is at the TMB machines in the metro stations.

How much is a bus ride in Barcelona?

€2.40 per ride
TICKETS. There are several different public transit services in Barcelona, including the metro, trams, buses, and even suburban trains. Single tickets are €2.40 per ride, and you can purchase them at vending machines at metro stations and aboard buses.

How do you use the public bus in Barcelona?

Once you’re at a bus stop, use your hand to signal to the approaching bus and make sure its driver sees you: they will switch on the bus’s indicator light. Drivers can only open bus doors at bus stops, because of safety regulations. If a bus has just left its stop, do not run up to it or knock on its door.

What time do buses stop running Barcelona?

Barcelona Metro schedule

Type of day Operating hours
From Monday to Thursday and midweek public holidays From 05:00 to midnight
Fridays and the nights before public holidays From 05:00 to 02:00
Saturdays Start: at 5.00 hours; continuous service throughout Saturday to Sunday night

Can you pay by card on bus in Barcelona?

Bank cards can now be used to pay for single journey fares on two bus lines | Info Barcelona | Barcelona City Council.

How do you pay for transit in Barcelona?

Tickets for the Transportation Network and the Tariff zones. At each station of the metro and FGC, you can buy tickets either at ticket machines or ticket booths. The machines can also be operated in English. In the bus you can only buy single tickets from the driver.

Are buses in Barcelona free?

The public transport in Barcelona operates an integrated fare system, which allows you to transfer for free within one hour and fifteen minutes of validating your ticket to the different means of transport you’ll need to get to your destination.

Is the metro in Barcelona 24 7?

The metro in Barcelona operates from 5 am to midnight from Sunday until Thursday. On Friday the subway opens until 2 am and on Saturday and other public holidays, the metro is open 24 hours a day.

Can you pay by card on bus in Spain?

2. Re: Can I use my debit card to buy bus tickets? No credit cards accepted. Go to the metro and buy a T-10 at the machine (accepts credit cards) you can use it for everything,it is good value for money.

How long is T10 valid?

Typically a journey will take 10 to 40 minutes. The entire T-Casual card is not valid in terms of a total journey time of 75 Minutes. i.e. your card does not become used up after 75 Minutes worth of travel.

Can I use T10 on bus?

Before reading further, it is convenient to know that there is the T10, a 10-trip ticket that allows you to use the suburban train, buses, and the underground in Barcelona at very low prices. You can do it for 75 minutes from the first and last validation of the ticket.

Do Barcelona buses run all night?

Barcelona has a night-bus service (Nit Bus) which serves most of the city and its suburban area. Most of the night bus services begin between 10.40pm and 11.40pm and end between 5am and 6am. The city buses are single deckers and are adapted for people with reduced mobility.

Can you use contactless on Barcelona bus?

The system supports payments with contactless debit and credit cards from major brands as well as mobile devices that can be integrated into them, such as smartphones and watches. When boarding the bus, all you have to do is bring your card or device closer to the reader located next to the driver’s cabin.

Do Barcelona buses take credit cards?

The transport authority of Barcelona, TMB, announced today that it will now be possible to buy a single ticket on the board of its buses just by tapping a bank card on its EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) readers.

How much is a T10 card in Barcelona?

T -10

Zones Price Validity time
Zone 1 € 11.35 ( US$ 12.20) 1:15 hours
Zone 2 € 22.40 ( US$ 24) 1:30 hours
Zone 3 € 30.50 ( US$ 32.70) 1:45 hours
Zone 4 € 39.20 ( US$ 42) 2:00 hours