Did a hurricane hit Cabo San Lucas in 2014?

Did a hurricane hit Cabo San Lucas in 2014?

One of the strongest storms ever to hit the Baja California peninsula–and the strongest ever measured in the satellite era–Hurricane Odile made landfall in Los Cabos on the evening of September 14, 2014, with winds howling at sustained speeds of up to 200 mph.

How many people died in Hurricane Odile?

18Hurricane Odile / Total fatalities

Severe flooding also occurred, causing rivers to swell and the mass evacuation of people out of hazardous low-lying areas. The remnants of Odile brought rains and unseasonably powerful thunderstorms to the southwestern United States. In total, Odile led to the deaths of 18 people throughout its nine-day existence.

When did hurricane hit Cabo?

Sep 06 2016: Hurricane Newton Brought very heavy rains and winds of 90 mph (150 km/h) to the southern areas of the peninsula.

When did Hurricane Odile hit Cabo?

August 26, 2015. Hurricane Odile goes into the record books as the strongest tropical cyclone on record in modern recordkeeping on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. The Category 3 storm made a direct hit on Cabo San Lucas, a popular tourist destination, on Sunday night, bringing 125 mph winds and six hours of rain.

When was the last big hurricane in Cabo?

October 12, 2018: Hurricane Sergio made landfall in Baja California Sur as a tropical storm before quickly weakening due to land interaction. September 20, 2019: Hurricane Lorena made landfall in the southern portion of Baja California as a Category 1 hurricane.

Does Cabo get earthquakes?

Los Cabos has a history of earthquakes, some of them relatively severe, with one actually occurring in the middle of Hurricane Odile.

Is Cabo on a fault line?

Flanked by the Gulf of California to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, the La Paz–Los Cabos region is crisscrossed by several major active faults, like the Espıritu Santo, San José del Cabo, El Carrizal, San Bartolo, and San Juan de Los Planes faults (Fig. 2).

When was the last earthquake in Cabo San Lucas?

Latest quakes in or near Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico, in the past 24 hours on Tuesday, May 31, 2022.