Did Aaron Rodgers break his collar bone?

Did Aaron Rodgers break his collar bone?

Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone in the first quarter of Sunday’s 23-10 loss at Minnesota. There’s a “chance” the two-time NFL Most Valuable Player could miss the rest of the season, the team announced via Twitter.

How did Aaron Rodgers break his collarbone?

MINNEAPOLIS — Aaron Rodgers broke his right collarbone after Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr hit him in the first quarter Sunday. He could miss the remainder of the season, the team said. The Green Bay Packers quarterback was rolling out to his right with Barr pressuring him.

How long was Aaron Rodgers out with a broken collarbone?

Share All sharing options for: Aaron Rodgers returns to Packers practice just 6 weeks after breaking his collarbone. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers returned to practice Saturday, just six weeks after breaking his collarbone against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6.

How many times did Rodgers break his collarbone?

Rodgers, twice the NFL MVP, has not missed significant time since breaking his left collarbone on Nov. 4, 2013. He did not require surgery that time and, after missing seven games, returned for the regular season finale and the playoff loss to Seattle.

Who broke Aaron Rodgers collarbone the first time?

Aaron Rodgers Says Anthony Barr Taunted Him After Hit That Broke Collarbone. Appearing on the “Clueless Gamer” segment of Conan on Thursday, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr taunted him after the hit that broke his collarbone in Week 6.

Who backed up Rogers when he broke his collarbone?

Rodgers was sacked by Bears defensive end Shea McClellin 2 1/2 minutes into the game at Lambeau Field. He suffered an injury to his left shoulder and was done for the night. He was replaced by veteran backup Seneca Wallace and the Packers went on to lose, 27-20, as the defense gave up 442 yards.

Who backed up rogers when he broke his collarbone?

Did Aaron Rodgers get hurt in 2013?

2013: Fractured left collarbone Aaron Rodgers suffered his next major injury in 2013. Here the Packers were shut out in 2 quarters and went down to the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field.

What did Aaron Rodgers say to Anthony Barr?

“Once he gets up I’m waiting for the play call, and hear someone shouting all kinds of profanities. I look over and it’s [Rodgers] calling me all kinds of names, ‘F you this, F you that’ as he’s walking off the field. So naturally I responded.

Can you play football with a broken collarbone?

Your shoulder strength is normal. You can move and use the arm and shoulder without pain. In general, people can go back to noncontact sports (such as running or swimming) in about 6 weeks and contact sports (such as football, lacrosse, and hockey) in 8–12 weeks.

Did Aaron Rodgers get injured in 2018?

For the first time Tuesday, the Green Bay Packers quarterback revealed the extent of the knee injury that affected his entire 2018 season. Rodgers, appearing on ESPN Wisconsin radio, told the “Wilde and Tausch” show he played with a tibial plateau fracture and sprained MCL in his left knee.

Who hit Aaron Rodgers?

Right after the quarterback made that throw, he took a late hit by defensive lineman Jordan Phillips. Massive cheap shot on Aaron Rodgers. Should the DL be ejected? #GBvsAZ #RedSea #gopackgo twitter.com/FTBVids_YT/sta…

Could Aaron Rodgers go to the Vikings?

Getting Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to the Minnesota Vikings is not impossible. Rodgers is still under contract with the Packers, but he has a potential out once the new league year begins in March.

Who broke Aaron Rodgers leg?

Rodgers injured his knee when 294-pound Bears defensive lineman Roy Robertson-Harris, rushing up the middle on a stunt, crashed down on him for a sack. With his foot trapped against the field, Rodgers’ left knee buckled inside.

What is up with Aaron Rodgers toe?

3 — and following a story in the Wall Street Journal that took those comments as fact, Rodgers revealed Wednesday that he has a fractured toe, one he suffered during workouts at home while preparing to return to the Packers for their Nov. 14 game against the Seattle Seahawks.

What Aaron Rodgers should see?

What Aaron Rodgers Should See: Covid Suffering in a Wisconsin E.R. It is perhaps all too easy to bash Aaron Rodgers, the latest star athlete to show he’s suffering from a God complex, hovering above the fray, more than willing to spew medical quackery and virus all over us mere mortals. Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, is one of

Is Aaron Rodgers injury prone?

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is injury prone. Our worst fears about Rodgers when he took over for Brett Favre have come true. The guy can’t stay healthy. A broken collar bone forced Rodgers to miss half of the 2013 season. If that wasn’t bad enough, Rodgers took forever to return from the injury.

Who backs up Aaron Rodgers?

The Packers’ blocked field goal before halftime will long be remembered as the difference on the scoreboard, but they never would have had to line up for it had Rodgers not forced running back Aaron Jones to halt his momentum as he ran wide open down the right sideline, making an automatic touchdown just a 75-yard completion.

Is Aaron Rodgers a good quarterback?

Aaron Rodgers may not be ready to say whether he’ll play for the Packers, or any team, next season, but the quarterback told in a really good place, especially with (GM) Brian (Gutekunst