Did Del Boy win the fight against Tommy Mckay?

Did Del Boy win the fight against Tommy Mckay?

They let Del take his coat off, but he accidentally throws it into a puddle. Furious that his new coat has been ruined, Del lunges at Tommy, and despite sustaining a few moderate injuries, Del manages to win the fight and limps back to the Nag’s Head.

Who was first choice for Del Boy?

actor Enn Reitel
First choice to play Del Boy was the actor Enn Reitel, but he was tied up with other work. Next to be approached was future Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent, who also turned down the role. With ‘Horses’ ready to roll and no Del in sight, it was all getting a little worrying.

Who played Irene Mckay?

Gaye Brown
Irene Mackay. No Greater Love (11th November 1982). She was a 40 year old woman who Rodney Trotter asked out for a date. Irene was played by Gaye Brown.

Why do they call him Trigger?

Rock & Chips Trigger went to school with Del, Boycie, Denzel Tulser, Roy Slater and Jumbo Mills. Due to his haircut he later gained the nickname “Trigger” as his haircut made him look like a horse.

Who played Zoe in Only Fools and Horses?

Lisa Price
Zoe was played by Lisa Price.

Did Del win the fight?

Del blamed Tommy for this and lunged at Tommy, and they had a massive altercation, with Del winning the fight and leaving Tommy unconscious by a couple of rubbish bins, while Leroy ran off.

What is boycie’s real name?

Terrance Aubrey “Boycie” Boyce (born 31 January 1948) is a fictional character in the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, played by John Challis.

How old was Trigger the horse when he died?

When Trigger died in 1965 at age 33, the Smithsonian Institution wanted to display him in Washington. Mr. Rogers could not bear the separation. He had him mounted (not stuffed) and he remains, in his rearing hind-leg pose, the most popular attraction at the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum in Victorville.

Did Del Boy and Raquel get married?

Despite finding their fortune and then losing it again, the couple never married but they did go to live happily ever after along with their son Damien.