Did Sergei Gonchar win the Stanley Cup?

Did Sergei Gonchar win the Stanley Cup?

Won the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2009 as a player, and in both 2016 and 2017 as a development coach.

Is Sergei Gonchar a Hall of Famer?

From 1993-94 through 2003-04, Gonchar was one of only eight defensemen to play in at least 650 regular-season games and average at least 0.60 points per game. Of that group, only Gonchar and Sandis Ozolinsh are not in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Where is Sergei Gonchar now?

When his playing career ended, he joined the Pittsburgh Penguins as a Development Coach working with the Penguins’ defensive unit and served in that capacity for two years. He was promoted to Assistant Coach after the 2017-18 season and served in the position for two years.

Who is Evgeni Malkin’s wife?

Anna KasterovaEvgeni Malkin / Wife (m. 2016)

Why is Jagr not in the Hall of Fame?

For example, although Jaromir Jagr hasn’t played in the NHL since 2017-18, he’s not yet eligible since he still plays professionally in the Czech Republic. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the Hall can induct a maximum of four male players and two female players each year.

Does Malkin have a kid?

1 minorEvgeni Malkin / Children

Is Martin St Louis a Hall of Famer?

St. Louis was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2018; his first year of eligibility….

Martin St. Louis
Hockey Hall of Fame, 2018
St. Louis with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2011
Born June 18, 1975 Laval, Quebec, Canada
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)

Are Crosby and Malkin friends?

He came to me and we’ve talked a little bit and he’s nice.” Off the ice, Crosby said that Malkin does a good job of helping keep things light around the locker room. “He’s a pretty laid-back guy,” said Crosby, who started cracking up when thinking of some of his best Malkin stories.

Is Sidney Crosby a hof?

He ranks fourth on the all-time list. Why He’s A Hall of Famer: Crosby is the best player of his generation. He is 26 years old, and there is no new frontier to conquer.

Why did Martin St Louis leave Tampa?

Louis left Tampa Bay was the untenable animosity St. Louis felt for Yzerman after St. Louis was left off the initial Olympic roster.

Who is Saint Louis wife?

Heather CaragolMartin St. Louis / Wife (m. 2000)
St. Louis met his wife Heather Anne Caragol at the University of Vermont, where he graduated in 1997 with a degree in small business management. They have three sons. The family maintains an off-season home in Heather’s native Greenwich, Connecticut.