Did solidus care about Raiden?

Did solidus care about Raiden?

3 His Strange Relationship. Despite his ruthless nature, Solidus actually enjoyed the company of Raiden, his adopted son. Their relationship mirrors that of Big Boss and Solid Snake, but not quite as heartwarming.

Was solidus a good Snake?

Sure, his tactics, like using child soldiers, were unethical, but Solidus is still fighting the same enemy as Snake. He is somewhat evil, as he planned to stop the stock exchange, but he did so to reveal the Patriots to the public.

Is Raiden the son of solidus?

Main appearance(s) Raiden’s parents were a couple who had a son together. Some time after their son’s birth, they were killed by Solidus Snake. He took their son, named him Jack, and raised him as a child soldier in the Army of the Devil.

Why does solidus look older?

The accelerated aging written into each clone’s genes provided the fail-safe of a limited lifespan, should Solidus’s genetic data fall into enemy hands or he himself turn against the Patriots. Despite being preceded by his brothers, Solidus appeared more aged than the other two clones in his later life.

Is Solidus Snake Raiden’s dad?

6 Son of (Solidus) Snake After revealing to Raiden that he is his adopted father, Solidus also makes the chilling revelation that he killed Raiden’s biological parents so he can be trained as a soldier.

Why solidus is the perfect clone?

Cloned Physiology: Solidus is a genetically perfect clone of Big Boss himself. Solidus is engineered with enhanced abilities, possessing enhanced senses and physical abilities. However, due to his advanced age, his enhanced physical abilities were never displayed outside his exo-suit.

Who was the best Big Boss clone?

Solid, Liquid and Solidus, the three Snakes. The Twin Snakes and The Perfect Clone. And it is true that Solidus was the perfect clone; the oerdect clone of Big Boss. Solidus is the younger brother of Solid and Liquid, deemed the perfect clone of Big Boss.

Is Solidus Snake a clone of Big Boss?

Soldius Snake. Solidus Snake (real name: George Sears) is the third and only perfect clone son of Big Boss and the main antagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.

Is Venom a Solidus Snake?

It’s unlikely Big Boss ever cared for Solidus, and Solidus himself sees their relationship as that of a father and son, not brothers. Interestingly, it would be Venom Snake in The Phantom Pain who would go on to embrace the role as Big Boss’ “twin.”

Was Liquid Snake the superior clone?

As it turns out, Big Boss’ best genes were his recessive ones, and thus Liquid became the superior clone.

Is solidus the perfect clone?

Solidus Snake (real name: George Sears) is the third and only perfect clone son of Big Boss and the main antagonist of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. He was voiced by the late John Cygan in English, who also played Hedley in Treasure Planet, Twitch in Toy Story 3, and the Mugger in The Cleveland Show.

Who Cloned Naked Snake?

Dr. Clark, known by the codename Para-Medic, had considered the idea of cloning him since at least Operation Snake Eater nearly seven years earlier, informing Big Boss, at the time known as Naked Snake, about his genes being important to pass on in a conversation with him.

Who was the superior clone of Big Boss?

That is exactly what I said. The “soldier genes” that made big boss so good may have very well been recessive traits, and by being made to express only recessive traits, Liquid would have been the superior clone as far as genetics are concerned.