Do people scam on PlayerAuctions?

Do people scam on PlayerAuctions?

Some seller on their site sold me currency he bought from the game site that he refunded immediately after trading me. PlayerAuctions refused to refund and brought up a transaction I never made claiming I owed them money.

What percent does PlayerAuctions take?

When buyers and sellers reach an agreement, PlayerAuctions receives the payment and holds it until the buyer verifies that he received the goods. The company’s fees vary, but generally they run about 10 percent of the transaction amount.

Who is the owner of PlayerAuctions?

In July 2007, PlayerAuctions was taken over by Korean digital asset exchange giant ItemMania.

Where is PlayerAuctions located?

PlayerAuctions is also the first marketplace to offer secure player-to-player game account trade. The company is based in Los Angeles, CA and is fully invested in by Itemmania, the leading player-to-player marketplace in Korea.

Does PlayerAuctions sell your information?

We do not sell information that directly identifies you, such as your name and email address. We share certain information and allow third parties to collect certain information about your activity, for example through cookies, as explained in our cookie policy.

How long has PlayerAuctions been around?

Our website is operated by PlayerAuctions, Inc. Founded in 1999 by gaming enthusiasts, we have grown to become a leading eCommerce platform for trading virtual gaming products. 20 years of experience as gaming and trading enthusiasts helps us empower gamers by making trades both fun and easy.

Is PlayerAuctions verification legit?

Overview. PlayerAuctions has a consumer rating of 3.27 stars from 1,541 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with PlayerAuctions most frequently mention fast delivery, game currency and long time. PlayerAuctions ranks 2nd among Virtual Goods sites.

Is buying accounts on PlayerAuctions safe?

Protection as a Buyer: Protecting buyers is our priority. We provide insurance packages for game accounts to make sure that buyers can get a refund in the case of reclamation by the original owner. With substantial evidence (usually an email or a message from the game publisher), the buyer will get a full refund.

How safe is G2G?

G2G is a safe and legit marketplace with good user review scores, multi-platform support and a variety of payment options to sell and buy your items.

What is Epic NPC?

EpicNPC is the marketplace platform for gamers buying, selling or trading game accounts and services. Through the constant flow and volume of games and services bought, sold and traded, EpicNPC holds a big lead over their competitors in the space.

Can you sell your game profile?

How Sellers Set the Price. For sellers, selling game accounts is not just an opportunity to make money, as well as a way to help out other players that want to skip the grind. However, it will always be a profit-driven endeavor. Thus, sellers have the freedom to sell accounts for games at whatever price they deem fit.

How do I sell my fortnite account?

Gameflip is the simplest way to sell Fortnite items, whether you no longer want it or just need some cash. You can sell any in-game items on Gameflip that you can transfer to the buyer’s game account, except for Prohibited Items. Whether it’s a cosmetic skin or a rare item, you can sell them all on Gameflip.

What is payment verification?

It wants you to provide the information necessary to verify your payment info (credit card/debit card number). If you have a card on file, you will likely need to enter the CVN number from the back, a $1.00 charge will be run on the card to verify it is active – but the $1.00 will be returned.

How do I report someone on Playerauction?

It would be best if you can contact [email protected] directly so our team can help you. Hi there. Please go ahead and DM us here or better yet, email [email protected] about your account so they can inform you directly. Thank you for your report, Natn.

Can I sell my Roblox account?

There are many ways to earn by playing Roblox. Among them, one of the most surefire means to do so is to sell Roblox Account.

How can I sell my Fortnite account fast?

Is it possible to get scammed on G2G?

G2G is a dangerous place to buy account, as my account has been stolen immediately after a month that I purchased the account. The account that I bought is a bronze ranked account, and I’ve ranked up to plat 1 within a month, and I’ve bought some RP. Then, it was stolen.

Is instant gaming legit?

Overview. Instant-Gaming has a consumer rating of 1.59 stars from 90 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Instant-Gaming most frequently mention credit card, customer service and security reasons problems.

Is playerauction a scam?

Playerauction is a Scam. Seller stole back my account, i reported to them they took 4 weeks to completed the investigation, First email they said i will receive a coupon for the amount of i paid. Then i didnt get that, so i contacted them again.

What is buybuyer at PlayerAuctions?

Buyer browses from a wide array of games at PlayerAuctions and places an order. The PlayerGuardian System fully secures the buyer’s payment and holds on to it. The seller delivers the item/currency/account as per the * Delivery Guarantee Period. The buyer gets time to inspect the item/currency/account fully and confirms the delivery.

How do I get my account back from PlayerAuctions?

One thing Playerauctions will not tell you is that if the original owner of the account wants the account back..all they have to do is contact Sony and tell them that it was stolen. They still have all original info for account so there is no question in Sony’s mind.

Can Blizzard get my money back from a player auction?

I believe this is something that player auctions cannot get around. I think that as long as you have the address the account was set up with and the credit card then blizzard will get you back into that account. And after they have disbursed the money Im not sure how they could possibly get your money back. Sad that people would do crap like that.