Does aerotek have good benefits?

Does aerotek have good benefits?

Our benefits include contributory medical, dental and vision insurance. Specific assignments may include paid time off, and all Aerotek contract employees can enjoy an array of employee discounts from our many retail partners.

How much does aerotek match 401K?

Aerotek 401K Plan There’s a lot of room for improvement. There are no company matching for the 401(k) plan.

What is an employee discount program?

Employee Discount Programs provide workers access to a wide variety of consumer products and services at a discount. Either employers can contract directly with vendors and merchants to obtain discounts and group rates for employees, or they can engage the services of an employee discount program online platform.

Does Aerotek have a 401K?

We offer 401(k)/profit sharing/529 plans to save for retirement and college. We offer tuition reimbursement for career-related courses after six months.

Does aerotek take a cut of your pay?

Aerotek does carry the employment cost during the contract period which is usually 30-40% on top of your salary, and this is transferred to the employer when you are hired.

How can I get employee discounts?

3 Easy Ways to Offer Employees Discounts

  1. JOIN A CREDIT UNION. As bank fees reach record highs, most customers are paying fees for everything from maintaining a checking account to checking their balances.

How do I ask for employee discount?


  1. Just Ask!
  2. Be Polite – Kill them with kindness!
  3. Ask for a Manager – A normal salesperson or employee probably won’t be able to give you a discount.
  4. Inquire About Future Sales – If they can’t give you a discount, ask them if they can tell you when any upcoming sales will be.

Is it bad to leave a temp job?

Your goal for leaving should be to do so professionally and with as little negative impact on your place of assignment as well as your employer, the temporary agency. The first thing to do when you know you need to leave is to notify your Staffing Manager. Remember that the customary notice is two weeks.

What is the average employee discount?

Standard discounts can range for 10-30% of regularly priced merchandise or services. Discounts may not apply to sale merchandise, or services at sale prices. A car lot might offer an employee discount to customers as a sales promotion.

Can you get fired for giving employee discount to friends?

Yes this is primarily a criminal law manner. An employee discount is for the benefit of the employee only (unless the written policy of the company allows the employee to provide the discount to a limited number of family members…

Can I use employee discount online?

Yes! They will have you create an account and will help link it to your employee number so that you get the discount. You can order online from home, but it’s highly encouraged that you order from the computers at your own store!

How do I quit a temp job I just started?

Write a Resignation Letter Briefly explain that you wish to terminate your temporary position sooner than planned and indicate your requested last day of employment. You may wish to provide a reasonable explanation, such as you’re quitting a job after a week for another job that offers full-time hours and benefits.

How much notice do I need to give as a temp?

Even if not required by law, try to give a reasonable notice period depending on how long you’ve been in your role. While one day might be enough for a one or two-week assignment, you may wish to give a week or more if you’ve been working with the company on a longer-term assignment.

How do I get employee discounts?

What benefits does Aerotek offer?

We pride ourselves on the great benefits our people receive working at Aerotek. Our employees enjoy premium health care coverage including dental and vision, along with annual Aerotek contributions to U.S. based health savings accounts. Employees receive benefits equal to 100 percent of their annual salary at no cost to them.

How do I contact Aerotek?

If you have a question about your timecard, paycheck, hours or schedule, please contact your local Aerotek office. See a list of our locations or call 1-888-AEROTEK to be connected to the Aerotek office nearest you.

Why Aerotek global recruiting?

A Global Recruiting & Staffing Agency As a global leader in recruiting, Aerotek specializes in going above and beyond reading resumes to look deeply into the talents, unique abilities and desires of every job seeker.