Does anyone live in Kitsault BC?

Does anyone live in Kitsault BC?

The town’s lights are always on, the streets are lined with neatly trimmed trees and there are freshly mowed lawns, yet no one has called Kitsault home since 1982. The town of Kitsault, near the Alaskan border, situated about 115 kilometers down the gravel road from Terrace, had a very brief existence.

Is Kitsault BC still abandoned?

When the price of the silvery-white metal crashed in 1982, the mine shut down and the town was abandoned – some say overnight– by its residents. The last residents left town on Oct. 31, 1983, following which the modular homes were barged out and sent to Terrace, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Who owns the town of Kitsault?

businessman Krishnan Suthanthiran
In 1982, however, prices for molybdenum crashed and the entire community was evacuated after just 18 months of residence. In 2004, the ghost town was bought by Indian-Canadian businessman Krishnan Suthanthiran for $5.7 million; he has spent $2 million maintaining the town.

Can you visit Kitsault?

Kitsault – The Lights are on but nobody’s home! These exclusive tours are the only way to visit and tour the privately owned ghost town! The town of Kitsault lies at the head of Alice Arm at sea level and about 160 north of Prince Rupert.

Is the town of Bradian BC for sale?

The town of Bradian, north of Whistler, is back on the market after being sold less than a year ago. Ever thought of buying your own ghost town? One just two hours north of Whistler, complete with proper zoning and functional properties, is on the market.

What is the largest ghost town in Canada?

Anyox is Canada’s largest Ghost Town. A town of 3,000 people in a remote location that had a large mine, smelter, brick plant, coke plant, hospital and the largest concrete dam in Canada. The town was abandoned when the mine and smelter closed in 1935 and all but a handful of people left.

How do you get to Alice’s arm in BC?

You can get there either by sea plane or by boat from Prince Rupert (140 km south). Or you can book a trip with Northern BC Jet Boat Tours ( between May and September. This exclusive trip will take you to Alice Arm, Anyox and Kitsault with an overnight stay.

Who owns Bradian BC?

The China Zhong Ya Group Hebei Canada-China Co. bought the 20-hectare town for just under a million dollars last year, and Mills says they were planning on bringing more investors on board through the Provincial Nominee Program.

Who bought Bradian BC?

China Zhong Ya Group Hebei Canada
Ghost Town Mysteries: Bradian, B.C. ghost town gets new owners. The ghost town of Bradian has 22 homes still standing, and is on the market for under a million dollars. UPDATE Jan 2, 2015: Tom and Katherine Gutenberg, the owners of Bradian, sold the town on Dec. 29, 2014, to China Zhong Ya Group Hebei Canada-China Co.

Can you own towns in Canada?

Town buy-and-sell has become a niche market in Canada, and is certainly one of the stranger trends in a country that has gone real estate crazy. A former settlement in B.C. is currently listed at $1.2 million; another north of Montreal is up for $2.8 million, and others are privately owned in the Prairies.

How do I get to Anyox?

Access is only possible by water , helicopter or float plane. In 2017 I made the first of 3 trips to Anyox to see and document what remained of the town and to go underground to explore the mine who’s entrances were all blasted shut when the mine closed in 1935.

What happened Bradian BC?

When the mines closed in 1970, the residents of Bradian found themselves hours from civilization with no jobs or income, so they left town. Bradian sat abandoned from 1970 until Tom and Kathleen Gutenburg bought it for $100,000 in 1997.

Where is the cheapest land in BC?

Vancouver Island, BC Top Least Expensive Land/Lots | REW.

Why was Anyox abandoned?

Operations continued, but were steadily scaled down while the company stockpiled 100,000,000 pounds (45,000 tonnes) of copper, three years of production, that it was unable to sell. The mine shut down in 1935, and the town was abandoned.

How much does 1 acre of land cost in BC?

This statistic shows the value per acre of farmland and buildings in British Columbia from 2010 to 2020. Farmland and buildings in this Canadian province were valued at 6,382 Canadian dollars per acre in 2020.

Can you homestead in BC?

Registration of homestead (2) The registrar must register the homestead, if satisfied that the owner has prima facie title to it, but without notice of registration and declaration duly made and filed with the registrar, the registrar must not register the homestead.

What happened Anyox BC?

Today it is a ghost town, abandoned and largely destroyed. It is located on the shores of Granby Bay in coastal Observatory Inlet, about 60 kilometres (37 miles) southeast of (but no land link to) Stewart, British Columbia, and about 20 kilometres (12 miles), across wilderness, east of the tip of the Alaska Panhandle.