Does Axis Bank charge for debit card?

Does Axis Bank charge for debit card?

There is no charge or fee for spending money using your Debit Card. Use your Axis Bank Debit Cards and receive exclusive benefits, from free movie tickets to restaurant discounts.

Is there any insurance on debit card of Axis Bank?

1. For Air Accident Insurance Cover to be active on the debit card, the flight ticket should be purchased using the Axis Bank Debit Card only. 2. The cover is applicable only on travel through commercial flights.

How can I get rid of debit card charges?


  1. Use cards. Use your debit and credit cards so that you don’t need too much cash.
  2. Plan your cash flow. Don’t wait till you are broke to withdraw money from the ATM.
  3. Prefer your own bank. Avoid using another bank’s ATM.
  4. Keep emergency cash.
  5. Use dormant account.
  6. SMS, phone banking for non-financial transactions.

What is debit card issue charge?

1)Debit card re-issuance/ replacement SBI, ICICI, HDFC, PNB and Axis bank charges a fee of Rs 200 for replacement of a lost card. Yes bank charges a fee of Rs 149 while Bank of India charges a fee of Rs 120.

What is the charge for ATM of Axis Bank?

Note: Goods and Services Tax is applicable on all the above fees. A cross-currency mark-up of 3.5% will be levied in case of all international cash withdrawal and purchase transactions….Fees & Charges for Business Classic Debit Card.

Charges Amt. (Rs.)
Annual Charges 250
Replacement Charges 200
Duplicate PIN 100
Domestic Cash Withdrawal (Axis Bank ATMs) Nil

How can I surrender my axis debit card?

Block Your Debit Card

  1. SMS ‘BLOCKCARD ‘ and send it to 5676782 or +919717000002.
  2. Call on our Emergency Helpline Number +91-22-67987700; our Customer Service Executive will assist you.
  3. Login to your Internet Banking account and select ‘Block Card’ option in the Debit Cards section.
  4. Login to Axis Mobile App.

What is debit card insurance?

Personal Accidental Insurance (Death) Non Air: This insurance covers the Debit Cardholder for non-air accidental death only, to the extent as applicable on the type of Debit Card variant held.

How do I avoid annual fee for debit card?

Here are seven tips to avoid those very unpopular debit card usage fees:

  1. 1) Ask Your Bank How to Waive the Fees.
  2. 2) Pay with Cash.
  3. 3) Pay with Credit Cards.
  4. 4) Pay with Checks.
  5. 5) Prepaid Credit Cards.
  6. 6) Switch to an ATM-Only Debit Card.
  7. 7) Change Banks.

Does debit card have annual fee?

Debit cards themselves typically don’t have annual fees, but checking accounts often charge monthly account management fees if balance requirements aren’t met. However, there are free checking accounts and debit cards, such as Capital One 360 CheckingĀ®.

What is minimum balance in Axis Bank?

The minimum balance requirement for easy savings and similar programs in Metro, Urban areas has been increased from Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000. Axis bank customers should note that the change in monthly balance requirement only applies to plans with an average balance requirement of Rs 10,000.

Which axis debit card is best?

Top Axis Bank Debit Cards

Debit Card Annual Fee Limitations
Titanium Prime Plus Debit Card Rs. 200 Daily Cash withdrawal limit: Rs. 50,000 Purchase limit: Rs. 2 lakh
Rupay Platinum Debit Card Rs. 200 (waived for Axis Republic main account holder) Daily Cash withdrawal limit: Rs. 40,000 Purchase limit: Rs. 2 lakh

What is the limit of Axis Bank Debit Card?

Fees and Charges for Visa Classic/Platinum Debit Card

Card Platform Visa Classic/Platinum
Annual Fees Rs. 200 + taxes
Replacement Fee Rs. 200
ATM Withdrawal Limit (Per Day) Rs. 40,000
Purchases Limit per day* Rs. 3,00,000

What is the toll free number of Axis Bank?

(855) 205-5577Axis Bank / Customer service

Is there any claim on debit card?

As per the insurance rules, debit or credit card users are given free accidental death cover that can be claimed within 90 days in the event of an account holders death. The rule also makes it clear that this free accidental life cover will be given on just one credit or debit card.

Can I get my money back if I pay by debit card?

Debit card payment protection and chargeback Debit card payments and purchases are not covered by section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. But you might be able to make a claim for a refund under a voluntary scheme called ‘chargeback’. This might cover purchases of any value made on debit, credit or prepaid cards.

How do I claim on my debit card for insurance?

Documents required

  1. Nominee/Cardholder Aadhaar Number.
  2. Post-Mortem report/death report (in death case),
  3. discharge report.
  4. Compliance of 90/45 days transaction.
  5. FIR copy.
  6. RePay card number.
  7. Bank declaration.

How do I claim accidental insurance?

6 Easy Steps For Making Car Insurance Claim After an Accident

  1. Step 1: Inform The Insurance Company.
  2. Step 2: Lodge An FIR In The Nearest Police Station.
  3. Step 3: Capture Photographs As Valid Proof.
  4. Step 4: Submit All The Documents To The Insurer.
  5. Step 5: Ask The Insurance Company To Send A Surveyor.
  6. Step 6: Car Repairs.

Is there a monthly fee for a debit card?

Debit cards work like cash, so you don’t accrue debt. You don’t make any monthly payments. You don’t pay interest. There are no annual fees.